Jenelle Evans was furious after watching last Monday's episode of "Teen Mom 2," as she felt that her family was being portrayed in a negative light. She thought that the producers tried to make David Eason look like an abusive partner and that she was scared of her own husband. Jenelle decided to announce that she wanted respect from the MTV producers and she would gladly leave "Teen Mom 2" if they didn't start showing her in a better light. And it sounds like David is very supportive of her.

Just days after being accused of abusing Kaiser, David decided to share a picture of himself with his daughter Ensley, a girl he has with Jenelle Evans.

Of course, Kaiser is supposedly scared of David and some people have guessed that he's so critical of Kaiser because he is Nathan Griffith's son. Evans hasn't revealed anything about her children being treated differently than Ensley, but he's clearly in love with his daughter.

Gushes over his daughter

Of course, Ensley appears to be a positive aspect of Jenelle's life. It's her only daughter and she may not have any other children. It's also interesting that David is gushing over Ensley, especially since he was just accused of being aggressive with Kaiser. One can imagine he should have spent some time with Kaiser and promoted their friendship instead.

After Nathan Griffith saw how his son was being treated at Jenelle Evans' home, he threated to take legal action.

Nathan's mother has filed for an emergency custody hearing after discovering bruises on Kaiser. However, it sounds like he's still living with his mother after all the drama between them.

Should Kaiser be removed?

Many fans have called for Kaiser to be removed from the home. They are concerned about his health and his safety, as David clearly has an anger problem.

He is often filmed while being frustrated so fans only get to see this side of him. Many believe that Jenelle's son is terrified of him and would be better off living with his father, Nathan. However, a judge may have to step in to change the custody agreement around. At present time, it appears that Kaiser is still living with Jenelle and nothing has really changed since the scene was filmed back in the spring.

Kaiser may still be in David's presence frequently.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans' husband David gushing about his daughter? Do you think it is odd that he is hanging out with his daughter after the scene played out on "Teen Mom 2."