Lucifer Morningstar returns to Las Vegas for a new case in “Lucifer” season 3 Episode 6 titled “Vegas with Some Radish.” Ella tags along and the pair hit the casinos for some fun while at work. Meanwhile, Chloe Decker and Dr. Linda go on a drinking spree at Lux in the devil’s absence.

Episode 6 trailer

Fox released the trailer for episode 6 which shows Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Ella (Aimee Garcia) seemingly enjoying their time in Las Vegas. Ella is dressed to kill while Lucifer looks dashing, as usual, in a tuxedo. Clearly, there is no reason they cannot “look fabulous and catch a killer” at the same time.

Meanwhile, Chloe (Lauren German) and Dr. Linda (Rachel Harris) decide to have some fun while Lucifer is away. There is a reason for them to celebrate. It is the detective’s birthday and she feels bummed that her partner is not around to celebrate the special day with her. Instead of catching up with Lucifer in Las Vegas, Chloe decides to bring the party to his club. The trailer for “Vegas with Some Radish” shows Chloe and Linda help themselves to the drinks at Lux. The two look like they have had too much to drink. Chloe ends up spending the night at the club, as teased in the trailer for “Lucifer” season 3 released during the San Diego Comic-Con. She wakes up to the devil handing her a gift.

Lucifer’s mission

What brings Lucifer back to Las Vegas? According to the synopsis for season 3 episode 6 from Flickering Myth, the devil hightails it to Sin City when he learns that his ex-fake-wife Candy Morningstar (guest star Lindsay Gort) is missing. Ella decides to help in the investigation and interesting secrets are revealed along the way that could compromise their mission.

In the episode, Lucifer and Ella go on a sting operation to call the bad guy out. They have to perform in a Vegas number and the trailer shows Ella as a showgirl while Lucifer is the man on the mic. This is the first time that Ella steps out of her comfort zone and show viewers a different side of her. Meanwhile, it is always a treat to hear Lucifer sing, but it would be even better to see him dance in the episode.

“Lucifer” season 3 episode 6 is actually one of the four stand-alone episodes filmed during the making of season 2. Each episode delves into the character's story. Viewers already learned how Maze got into the bounty hunting business in the “Maze-The Bounty Hunter” episode. This time, “Vegas with Some Radish” opens a bunch of story for Ella.