News has broken of the attack made on rapper Young Dolph. The rapper was attacked by one of his rivals and was set upon by three men before being shot. Dolph has been involved in shootings in the past and earlier in 2017, he was shot at but was protected by his bulletproof vehicle. However, this time the rapper was not so lucky and is currently in the hospital as he recovers from his injuries.

The rapper was attacked

According to Usa Today, the rapper Young Dolph was attacked on 4 October 2017. It has been confirmed that the rapper was approached by three men, which lead to a fight breaking out.

As the fight escalated, one of the men pulled a gun on Young Dolph and fired it several times. In a report by XXL Magazine, Young Dolph managed to drag himself to a nearby shop where the store manager called the police.

It has been confirmed that Young Dolph is in stable but critical condition. The rapper posted to social media and tweeted out a series of dolphin emoji with a statement proclaiming that it was he tweeting. The rapper has not commented on his current condition. It appears that he wanted to let his fan base know that he was still alive.

In a report by Bet, it has been confirmed that one of Young Dolph's rivals Corey McClendon may have been involved in the assault. He was arrested and held in custody for 48 hours.

A spokesperson for the police authorities has stated that they had no choice but to release Corey, as he was not charged within 48 hours. They stated that they are currently working on collecting further evidence.

The 911 call has surfaced

According to Bet, the 911 call made at the time of Young Dolph's discovery has been released online.

The police have confirmed that they are not responsible for the call being leaked. The shop manager who made the call is clearly flustered by what he has seen as he reports the incident. When the man asked for the address, the manger fumbles stating he has forgotten it.

The manager explains that he and some customers are hiding in an office.

He states that he saw the victim of the shooting outside of the shop and cannot identify their age. The manager then claims that he can hear ambulances on their way. The situation is still on high alert as the police try to get a location on the shooters.

According to USA Today, the ambulance arrived on the scene within minutes and there were concerns that the gunmen were still active on the streets. The paramedics are then talking to the police authorities and the recording ends quickly after their conversation has wrapped.

The extent of Young Dolph's injuries remain unknown but he is currently in the hospital received the best medical treatment for his injuries.