Ariana Grande recently revealed her new hairstyle, resembling one of the female characters in “Game of Thrones.” She showed her new hairdo on Instagram which is very different from her usual ponytail look, Daily Mail Online reported.

Her newest hairstyle has the color of silver, resembling Daenerys from the hit television series. However, she captioned her Instagram photo saying that it is actually “grey.” In “Game of Thrones,” Queen Daenerys Targaryen is the youngest sister of Viserys and Rhaegar. She was born to royal parents who were both dethroned from the Iron Throne when a rebellion happened.

This character is also connected with the renowned Jon Snow.

The 24-year-old songstress has tried various other hair colors before, such as red and caramel shade. In fact, she also had her hair colored in her music video, “Focus.”

Combined with stunning make-up

The new hairstyle was combined with stunning make-up, consisting of a light blush, nude lip color, and dark mascara. Fans can expect to see this hairdo in her future performances and even in her upcoming music videos.

She also recently posted the reason why she still continued with her concert despite the threats from terrorist groups in Manchester. She was in the middle of her “Dangerous Woman” tour in May of this year when a bomb was donated in the area.

Despite this incident that killed 23 people, she continued doing the concert and then organized a separate benefit concert for the tragedy victims. In similar events like this such as the recent Las Vegas mass shooting, some artists have canceled their performances.

She said that it “was not an option” to cancel the tour because the show itself has a message for the viewers.

She added, “For the crew and everyone involved, it’s become more than just a show for us.”

The message of her “Dangerous Woman” tour was to spread “unity, support, and acceptance,” Grande wrote. She added, “I think the most important thing is to have each other’s backs.”

The songstress on the Las Vegas shooting

Ariana Grande also condemned the mass shooting in Las Vegas, posting on Twitter that her” heart is breaking” for the city.

She also called the incident as “terrorism.”

Earlier this week, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock fired gunshots from his hotel room in Mandalay Bay. He was on the 32nd floor of the luxury hotel when he fired shots to innocent audience members of a country music festival being held nearby, Time reported.

It is touted as the deadliest mass shooting throughout the modern United States history which killed at least 58 people and injured more than 500 people, the report added.