Rumors of a "Victorious" reunion have been circulating the internet after a past cast member has claimed everyone is on board. Elizabeth Gillies who played the character, Jade, on the show has revealed that she wants a "Victorious" reunion. Many fans claimed that the series finished in an unsatisfactory way and are extremely excited by these rumors. However, it appears that Gillies may have blown things out of proportion as not all of the cast have agreed to come back.

The actress has opened up

According to the Nation, Liz Gillies who was a member of the Nickelodeon TV series "Victorious" wants a cast reunion.

Gillie has claimed that she and other extended cast members are all on board with having a reboot of the show that launched their careers. Ariana Grande was among the cast and "Victorious" launched her into immediate stardom helping to mold the career she has today.

According to People Magazine, Gillies has claimed that she is ready to do a reboot of the show. She stated that she keeps telling people that she is ready to do the reboot tomorrow but has confirmed that not everyone in the cast feels this way. Gillies stated that most of the cast members all agreed on Twitter that they were down for a reunion.

However, there have been some conflicting reports about whether or not the star of the show Victorious Justice wants to come back for the reunion.

She is currently working on her acting career in Hollywood and is trying to separate herself from her Nickelodeon days. There has been no comment from Justice about her thoughts on this supposed reunion.

Grande is busy with her music career

According to People Magazine, Ariana Grande is too busy with her music career to come back for a Victorious" reunion.

The star tweeted out at the creator of the show and claimed that it needed a finale. However, when the cast members got together online to discuss who was up for a reunion Grande did not chime in.

Ariana Grande has had a busy year with her "Dangerous Woman" tour and dealing with the tragedies of Manchester. While Elizabeth Gillies has claimed that Grande is on board it has not been confirmed.

For now, this can only be taken as speculation.

In a report by The Nation. Ariana Grande has currently returned to the recording studio and is ready to start working on new music. Despite, Gillies claims it appears that eh singer is completely focused on her music career. Ariana Grande did have a reunion with some her cast members in more recent years but has not shown her intention to return for a reboot of the show.

Elizabeth Gillies is currently acting on the show called "Dynasty" and has been a regular on the series for the past three years.