"Love & Hip Hop New York" Season 8 premiered this week and it was a doozy. One specific scene stands out for those who have been keeping an eye on Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris' relationship. It's starting to look like Yandy is starting to grow weary of her incarcerated "husband" and that has many wondering if the "LHHNY" star is ready to move on.

It all goes down while Yandy is out spending time with Remy Ma and Juju. She gets a call from Mendeecees and rather than being excited to hear from him Yandy tells him that she'll talk to him later!

When Remy and JuJu press Yandy about why she didn't just take Mendeecees' call, she said that he can call back later. She tells her friends that she's not going to interrupt time with them to take a call from her supposed husband.(Remember that they're not legally married despite that huge wedding that VH paid for.)

Remy Ma isn't buying it

Yandy Smith insists that she and Mendeecees Harris speak "all day every day." That's interesting because Mendeecees is in prison, serving an 8-year sentence for drug trafficking. Now, Mendeecees is in a minimum security facility so the rules are a bit more relaxed than some places but calls all day, every day? Is that even possible and if it is, should she be sharing that on reality TV?

Remy Ma doesn't seem to buy it and gave Yandy a hard time for not talking to her man. Both she and Juju seem more than happy to step back for a minute while Yandy took that phone call but she truly looked uninterested.

VH1 even posted a poll that asked if Yandy Smith was wrong for "curbing" Mendeecees. So far, the overwhelming majority say yes!

Mendeecees probably thinks so too because refusing to take phone calls from prison does make her look like something shady is up.

Yandy busted by Judy

Now fast forward to the sneak peek for next week's episode of "LHHNY" and it looks like we'll get to see even more of Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris' relationship trouble. In the clip, we see Judy, Mendeecees' mom, show up unannounced to Yandy's event.

Judy doesn't seem pleased at all to find several half naked men at the event where Yandy is dressed to get some attention. Mendeecees mom offers Yandy a sweater and asks her to cover up, sparking even more drama for the "LHHNY" family.

Judy revealed that Mendeecees isn't happy with the way Yandy has been acting and has been wondering what was going on. That's why he sent his mom to go check on her at the event and Yandy was caught in a compromising situation yet again.

Does this mean that Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris are headed for a split? Mendeecees still has several more years of his sentence and likely won't be getting out of prison anytime soon. It looks like Yandy might be bored of waiting for her man to return.