On the upcoming episode of "Love and Hip Hop New York," the women are headed to Cancun for some sun and fun. It's not often that "Love and Hip Hop" films their stars on vacation but based on how the women act at home, their tropical retreat won't stay peaceful for long.

Kimbella and JuJu arrive at the Pyramid At Grand Oasis and can't believe how nice the hotel is. Kimbella declares that nothing is going to ruin her vacation. Then, Yandy Smith shows up and has her artist Bianca Bonnie in tow and the celebratory vibe dies faster than it started.

Kimbella and JuJu get comfortable in Cancun, then Yandy shows up

It turns out that JuJu has been writing a book called "Secrets of a Jewel." She brought the unfinished book to Cancun with her and even shared some of it with Kimbella while the cameras were rolling. Everything seems pretty cool and both women are enjoying the beginning of a girl's trip to Cancun that should be pretty stress free since everyone there has been friends for years.

When Yandy Smith arrives to Cancun with Bianca Bonnie, the mood changes pretty quickly. Kimbella tries to criticize Yandy for bringing work with her on the girl's trip but Bianca makes it clear that she's only there to relax and that they aren't actually working while sipping cocktails in Cancun.

Kimbella is still mad at Yandy and it has nothing to do with Bianca

Kimbella already has an issue with Yandy from back in New York City. She thinks that Yandy should spill the beans on everything that Juelz Santana is up to because they are friends. Yandy is reluctant to get her friend the 4-1-1 because she doesn't want to ruin her repuation and have artists not want to work with her.

So when Yandy shows up in Cancun with Bianca Bonnie by her side, Kimbella is itching for a fight and she'll use anything she can find to fire shots at Yandy.

Kimbella's anger at Yandy doesn't even make sense either because Juelz is working on a new album with Yandy but he's putting it together in their basement recording studio.

So while Juelz might be pretty busy working lately and Kimbella may miss him, she knows exactly where he's at. Despite that, Kimbella still thinks that Yandy should bypass Juelz and tell her what is going on with their current project, something that Yandy just doesn't feel comfortable doing.

Hopefully Kimbella and Yandy can come to an understanding regarding Juelz Santana and Yandy's plans to work with him. As Yandy has told her before, it's just business and if Kimbella wants her man to make money, she needs to let him work. If Yandy starts spilling all the details of what they are doing and when they started and when they stopped, Juelz and other artists won't want to work with Yandy anymore and that would be bad for her business.

As for the Cancun trip, fans have been given a small sneek peak of what is about to go down on the upcoming episode of "Love and Hip Hop New York." Be sure to tune in to VH1 on Monday at 8/7 central to see if Kimbella and Yandy are able to work it out.