For decades now, the “Today” show has delved into making Halloween very personal, far beyond decorating the set and dishing out candy. The morning anchors have a tradition of really devoting themselves to a theme, and for many of those years, Matt Lauer has devoted himself to wearing a dress. Once again this year, the newsman did not disappoint, and came out as Dolly Parton, dangling rhinestone-studded fringe and all.

Don't let that introduction in front of those red barn doors dissuade all the star power introduced by true country queen Reba McEntire.

The whole array of morning hosts made up a “Country Legends” night very early in the morning, and the stars showed up in the flesh for smiles and some serious stuff.

Hilarious hitmakers

A very familiar mullet was the first sight on stage in Rockefeller Plaza, but it was Carson Daly donning the look and singing along with “Achy Breaky Heart.” The dancers in daisy dukes were singing along, too. It wasn't long before the not-so incognito Billy Ray Cyrus came out in his beard, shades, skull cap to show Carson how it was done.

The crowd was warmed up just in time for Al Roker to hop out of a pickup truck as Willie Nelson. Not sure why a tour bus wasn’t around, but at least went to the trouble of making an authentic look-alike of Willie’s beloved guitar, "Trigger," complete with blue bungee-strap binding for full effect.

Megyn Kelly likely felt more out of her element that she's ever felt in her life, but she gave being Shania Twain, a real go for “Man I Feel Like a Woman.” The superstar female of country gave her a surprise show of support, jumping out in her leopard suit, complete with ears, for a hug.

There's no bigger Blake Shelton fan on the planet, much less morning TV, than Hoda Kotb.

Even her dog is named Blake, and for this special concert, she even put in blue contacts to look just like her favorite singer. Of course, the veteran judge on “The Voice” had to come out and join Hoda for “Honey Bee,” and there would be more “good old boy” fun between this guy and gal later.

When Hoda inquired of the crowd, “How did I do?,” an authentic swivel chair from “The Voice” spun around to reveal Kathie Lee Gifford decked out as Miley Cyrus with rainbow bouquets and a ridiculously exaggerated accent.

She ran up onstage to prance to her own “Party in the USA,” but her dedication to the character would be put to the test a little later.

Matt Lauer’s cohort on the couch, Savannah Guthrie, gave the most surprising appearance as silver-haired Kenny Rogers. She was also bold enough to sing a bit. Nonetheless, it was when Matt made his entrance as Dolly that “Islands in the Stream” achieved its essential sing-along status for this happy Halloween.

Family support and feeling the love

Kathie Lee Gifford got plenty of laughs, including from Billy Ray Cyrus, when she revealed herself as Miley swinging atop her own “Wrecking Ball” in full body suit. Senior bodies aren't quite so supple as that of a 24-year-old, so at least Kathie Lee gets the medal of bravery for bold characterization.

Billy Ray got wistful with pride when he talked about singing with younger daughter, Noah, on his new album, “Set The Record Straight,” set for release in November. There is a song with Miley, too, and the proud dad could not be happier about both his daughters’ musical, creative, and personal directions right now. Noah is opening for Katy Perry on tour, and “Younger Now” is Miley’s sixth studio album to climb the charts. The whole family still celebrates moments together sharing time at home and on stage.

While the dad lives in gratitude for the simple blessings, his beautiful daughters, and “the light every morning,” he stressed an appeal for the people of Puerto Rico, the country “lost in the shuffle” of current headlines.

Cyrus teased that he might be spearheading a comeback for the mullet.

Shania Twain did more than tutor Megyn Kelly on how to use a mic stand for the most effect. She shared her new appreciation for her most important musical instrument-- her voice. She described the seven-year process of tracing her vocal dysphonia to an attack of Lyme disease, and how it made her believe she might never sing again.

Constant awareness and training exercises combined with courage finally brought her back to the stage again for a successful Las Vegas residency. “Now,” her first album in 15 years, debuted at #1. “I just thank the fans," the singer-songwriter explained. "They really made me feel welcome and that they meant it.”

Past or present, legends don't mind poking a little fun at themselves, and Halloween is as good a time as any to talk about comebacks.