Mendeecees Harris wasn't at the "Love & Hip Hop New York" Season 7 reunion but he still was able to respond to some of the alleged lies that were told during the show. One in particular seemed to strike a nerve with Mendeecees and did get a response via Instagram that we're guessing someone else posted on his behalf. That had to deal with baby mama number two Erka deShazo and her claim that Mendeecees bought her an Audi.

Mendeecees speaks out about that Audi from prison

While arguing with Yandy Smith during the second half of the "LHHNY" reunion show, Erika claimed that Mendeecees bought her a brand new Audi just one day after Yandy announced her pregnancy news.

Naturally, she was looking to one up Yandy, who is currently in a relationship with Mendeecees but isn't legally married to him despite a huge VH1 wedding special.

It didn't take long for Mendeecees to hear about Erika's Audi claims. Within days of the reunion show airing, Mendeecees dropped a response to Erika via Instagram to let her know that he is not having any of her drama right now. In the message that had to have been posted by someone close to Mendeecees since he is currently in prison, he can be seen behind th wheel of a black Audi. The message says that this is the only Audi he has ever bought in his life and clearly Erika isn't the one driving it. Not to mention that she said her car was red and this one is clearly black.

Mendeecees Harris has also said that he doesn't understand why Erika signed on for Season 7 of "Love & Hip Hop New York." In the past, Samantha Wallace has made appearances with her son Lil Mendeecees but Erika was very rarely seen or even heard about on the show. She only seemed to sign on to appear on "LHHNY" after Mendeecees went to prison, making it look like she wanted to portray herself a certain way without anyone who could argue that her story isn't totally true.

Why did Erika join 'LHHNY' anyway?

Throughout the season, Erika seemed to be on a mission to prove that her "relationship" with Mendeecees was legitimate and that she wasn't just a side chick that he spent time with in between relationships and apparently also in secret while he was with Samantha. It wouldn't be a good look for her to admit that she knew she was a side chick and knowingly slept with a taken man.

So far, Samantha refuses to comment on the seriousness of Mendeecees' relationship with Erika and both Mendeecees and Yandy have called her a "slide" and made sure to make it clear that Mendeecees was never in a real relationship with Erika, he just slept with her from time to time. Erika maintains that she and Mendeecees dated for years but can't really prove anything either way. Considering that Mendeecees has more than committed himself to Yandy, it all seems to be a moot point now and many fans of "Love & Hip Hop New York" are still scratching their heads, wondering why Erika wants to prove now, when she clearly is not currently in a relationship with Mendeecees, that at some point she might have been.