The Cast And Crew of "Teen Mom 2" recently got together for a little reunion. Most of the reality TV stars were present, including Jenelle Evans and her now-husband David Eason. Things at the party quickly turned from bad to worse as Eason consumed too much alcohol. He then proceeded to have a negative reaction to some security measures that night. The cast and crew are safe but they are shaken by the events of said night.

Her husband had a breakdown

According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, the cast and crew of "Teen Mom 2" recently came together for a little party.

They were celebrating the show's successes at the end of the most recent season. However, the festive atmosphere soon turned to one of extreme concern, as Jenelle Evans' husband was intoxicated.

It was revealed that David Eason was in a drunken stupor early in the night. His state was so bad that the producers of the show made the decision to cut him off from the bar. However, this angered the reality TV star, who then became worryingly violent. According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, a source claimed that everyone was having a good time at the party when David Eason pulled out a knife.

The source claimed that David ran down to a group of balloons and started slashing them with his pocket knife.

The event took place a little ways away from the partygoers but as there were cameras present, there may be footage of his actions.

A second source has confirmed the incident

A second source has confirmed that this story is not fake news. The second source claims that as soon as the event took place everyone immediately froze with disbelief.

They claimed that Jenelle Evans realized people were freaking out and tried to play off the startling scene.

The Ashley discovered that everyone who was present at the party had been screened by security. They do not know how David managed to get his pocket knife into the party but are glad that no real harm was caused. The production team realized that the tension between some of the cast members of this reality TV series is high.

They put security measures in place to make sure that something of this nature would not happen.

The entire cast and crew were extremely frightened by this event and the production team is following up, with the aim of making sure that something like this never happens again.

It has been confirmed that no one was physically hurt at the "Teen Mom 2" reunion party but members of the cast certainly left feeling shaken by the events of the night.