The human Ken Doll has had another plastic surgery and this time he had his back altered. Justin Jedlica is on a lifelong mission to be the human equivalent of the Ken Doll from the Barbie collection. Since he was of legal age, he has been making drastic changes to his body. He has talked openly about his procedures and has stated that he will have more plastic surgery in the future.

He spent $21,000 on back surgery

According to the Daily Mail, the Human Ken doll, otherwise known as Justin Jedlica, recently underwent another transforming plastic surgery procedure.

He has been known for getting changes to his face, lips, eyes, and stomach.

Jedica's most recent surgery on his back cost a total of $21,000, bringing the total cost of his surgeries up to $560,000. Jedlica has been very open about his problems with plastic surgery and has stated that he is addicted to getting the procedures done. He is the first person to have undergone an augmentation of their back.

In a report by the Daily Mail, Jedlica stated that he was unhappy with his original back implants he got in 2015, which spurred his decision to replace them. This time, he personally designed the implants, as he wanted them to be perfect. He stated that the process was very long and complicated but that he is very happy with the results of the surgery.

The doctor details the operation

According to the Daily Mail, the operation was extremely complicated and required a lot of planning. It took a total of five different implants from two different implant companies before everything was exactly right. The doctor then stated that the first part of the procedure was removing the current implants.

The implant that Jedlica had before the operation was hook-shaped which made the operation as a whole more complicated. It required the doctor to have to make an incision under the armpits and then take out the implants piece by piece. He had to use thongs to remove them fully from the pocket before they could try to put in the new implants.

The operation as a whole was a success and Jedlica currently has his new implants in. He released photographs of his new back online and has been receiving mixed reactions from the public. The Human Ken has gained a reputation for being one of the most physically altered people in the world by plastic surgery.

Jedlica also underwent a mini surgery where he got a vein on his forehead removed as he did not like it anymore. This was completed by the same individual who completed his back surgery.