"Teen Mom 2" stars Kailyn Lowry and Jenelle Evans are not exactly best friends. Despite once having a friendship with one another, the co-stars are now seemingly in the middle of a feud that just won't die down. As many fans know, the two women haven't been on good terms for quite awhile. They've seemingly had beef with one another off and on for years now, but this year has been one of the rockiest in their relationship.

Jenelle wants to quit 'TM2'

As previously reported, Kailyn Lowry recently did an interview where she gave her thoughts on Jenelle Evans threatening to quit "Teen Mom 2." Jenelle had claimed that the network edited the episodes to make it look like there was more drama than there actually was in her life, as well as treated her poorly.

Evans accused MTV of not treating her, or the other cast members like human beings, instead of treating them like freaks in a circus. However, Kail disagrees with Jenelle's comments. (Farrah Abraham even spoke out about Jenelle's threats!)

Lowry disagrees with Evans about MTV

Kailyn Lowry revealed that MTV does not treat her poorly, and wondered if the network had been mistreating Jenelle Evans then why would she stay on the show for eight years and put up with lousy treatment. When asked what she thought of Evans possibly quitting "Teen Mom 2," Lowry revealed that she "doesn't care what Jenelle does." Later, Kail told TMZ that Jenelle was just "being Jenelle" and that all the cast members have a storyline that MTV needs to follow.

Kailyn then suggested that it was up to herself and the rest of the cast members to change their storylines with their behavior if they didn't like how they were being portrayed.

Kail reveals that she and Jenelle are not friends, says Evans texted her to keep her mouth shut

As for the editing issues, Kailyn claims that she's never had an incident where MTV had edited her conversations.

However, she does reveal that editing is apart of the show and that the network reserves the right to edit the show as they wish, revealing that the stipulation is in their contracts. Later, the "Teen Mom 2" star revealed that Jenelle Evans had texted her and told her "keep her name" out of Kailyn Lowry's mouth.

When asked if she and Jenelle were friends, Kail answered with an astounding "nope."

Jenelle hasn't decided yet

Meanwhile, Jenelle Evans has not confirmed whether or not she will be quitting "Teen Mom 2" in the future. However, she did say that she had blocked the numbers of her producers, and will be staying off of social media for a while as she focuses on her new husband and their family.