Tokyo Toni has decided to file a lawsuit against popular TV Talk Show Host Wendy Williams. Williams is known for her brash approach toward celebrity news and slammed Toni on a recent episode of the show. Toni has taken this personally and has decided to take legal action. There has not been a comment from Wendy Williams but her representatives have been contacted.

She filed a lawsuit

According to Page Six, Blac Chyna's mother Tokyo Toni is suing Wendy Williams. Tokyo has claimed that Wendy Williams made some comments about her on her show. These comments allegedly caused Toni a considerable amount of stress and depression.

She stated that her mental health was severely impacted.

Tokyo is attempting to sue Wendy Williams for $1M. She claimed that Williams is trying to defame her and is going after her through the legal processes available. Tokyo claimed she is the victim of slander and harassment. She stated that Williams was trying to get other guests on her show to engage in the slanderous conversation.

In a report by Perez Hilton, this lawsuit comes mere days after Toni's daughter Blac Chyna filed her own lawsuit against the entire Kardashian family. This is not the first time that Toni has filed a lawsuit against someone and it appears that she is trying to get some quick money.

Toni is suffering from depression

According to Page Six, Tokyo Toni stated that she has been forced to quit her job as a result. She explained that the public slander has affected her mental and physical health. She claimed that she can no longer perform her job to the required standard and revealed that her blood pressure is worryingly high.

In a report by Perez Hilton, Toni claimed that Wendy Williams has affected her livelihood, as she is no longer able to earn. She stated that the effects of Wendy's slander have caused her a lifetime of misery, as she has been targeted for years by the popular television host.

Tokyo Toni wrote out the lawsuit by hand and handed it to the courts.

It appears that Toni has taken the remarks about her quite harshly, and that she is determined to get back at Williams. Toni reached out to Williams in the past with the hope that she would stop targeting her. However, Toni's attempts went unnoticed, and Williams continued to slander her in the public eye.

Wendy Williams has not yet released a comment about the lawsuit and fans are eagerly waiting for the talk show host to address it.