While most of the Duggar family's television show, "Counting On," has focused on the elder Duggar sisters, the show is now sweeping its focus to one of the Duggar brothers: Joe. The spin-off series of "19 Kids and Counting" was created after the show was pulled off the air due to the Josh Duggar molestation scandal. But since fans couldn't get enough of the mega-family, they decided to keep the show going by incorporating the lives of the older girls who were now courting (the family's version of dating) and getting married. Joe Duggar is the first male member of the family to marry since his eldest brother Josh, nine years ago.

And while fans are enjoying watching him settle down with his new wife, some find them a little bit bizarre, especially when discussing their idea of their perfect date. A report by Hollywood Gossip confirmed this information.

Kendra shares her idea of a perfect date

The couple has been making little bite-sized videos for TLC's YouTube channel for the fans who can't get enough of them on "Counting On," and recently they were asked to talk about their ideal dates. Joe Duggar, who has been in front of cameras his entire life, still couldn't muster up anything other than that his perfect date includes Kendra. Kendra, however, got a little more creative. The couple has already made it clear they love a good camp out and the outdoors, so Kendra stated that her perfect date would be the two of them around a campfire with their entire families.

Given that Joe comes from a family of 19 children, with several members already married and parents themselves, that would be one huge campfire.

Why fans thought it was bizarre

Many fans found this answer to be "weird" or even "creepy," considering now that the newest Duggar couple is now married, they can finally spend time alone.

According to the Duggar's standards for courtship, non-married couples must be supervised by a third party at all times to ensure they don't slip into premarital sex territory. Kendra and Joe have only been married a short while, meaning they have only had a few precious weeks to be truly alone with one another, so why would the couple want their entire families with them while they share their "ideal" date?

However, both Kendra and Joe were raised in super traditional Christian families, so it may just be their idea of a good time to actually be surrounded by that many people at once.

Kendra and Joe recently honeymooned in romantic Greece and fans are now eagerly awaiting any news about a pregnancy. #CelebrityTV