According to a video on YouTube starring the scary clown, 40-year-old Doug Child became Rellik the Psycho Clown to get over his own coulrophobia – or fear of clowns. He has been terrifying audiences in the "Circus Of Horrors" for two years now and has definitely got over his own phobia. Child said he previously worked as a children's entertainer, but the work dried up and he can't imagine why.

However, the gruesome clown has a new problem. According to the Daily Star, Rellik was quite likely the inspiration for the U.K.’s own creepy clown craze which happened last year, pretty much like it did in the U.S.

Police received hundreds of calls of terrifying clowns scaring people out on the streets. For this reason, the "Circus of Horrors" has told him to tone down his horror act, or look for a new job, as they are scared he will make audiences run from the circus in fear.

‘Killer Clowns’ terrify the neighborhood

Last October, around Halloween time, the Thames Valley Police reportedly had to deal with 14 incidents of “Killer Clowns” in just one day. With the advent of the adaptation of Stephen King’s clown horror movie “It,” police are now anticipating a brand new outbreak of creepy clown attacks in the days leading up to Halloween.


Haze, creator of "Circus of Horrors", said in a recent statement that their philosophy is that people love to be scared – but not harmed in any way. However, he said after the Killer Clown outbreak last year, people are becoming afraid they could, indeed, be attacked and harmed.

Haze went on to dispute the police’s “It” theory, however, saying that is clearly a film and no one expects Pennywise to jump from the screen.

However, with another Killer Clown outbreak expected to happen this Halloween, he said the circus has decided to explore a different route. They want to still scare the audience, but not enough to put them off coming to the circus.

Rellik must tone down his act or get in the job queue

Hence Rellik the Psycho Clown, or rather Child, was very disappointed to be told he must tone down his act or get in the job queue.

He said he is “devastated” by the news, saying he has work at the Fear Festival for Halloween, but that’s it. No more horror for him.

According to a report by DevonLive, Child has been told that if he can come up with an alternative, not so scary character, they will consider keeping him, but at this stage, he anticipates heading to the job center on November 1.

'Circus of Horrors' tours the world

According to its website, the "Circus of Horrors" tours the world with its scary acts, with its latest incarnation being “Voodoo.”

Their synopsis of the show is that a Voodoo curse is awoken by an Ouija board and night creatures then rule the underworld with their bizarre and amazing circus acts.The show is reportedly backed by “devil-driven” Rock n Roll, interwoven with the “darkest of magic." As that sounds pretty darn scary in its own right, it does seem a shame that Rellik the Psycho Clown could lose his job. Have a look at the clown in the video below and let us know if he scares you. However, viewer discretion is advised.