Kendra Caldwell Duggar and Joseph Duggar may be newlyweds, but the pair is still getting to know one another thanks to the strict courtship rules in place by the Duggar family. However, Kendra grew up in a relatively conservative household with a pastor for a father, so there is no doubt that she expected this kind of relationship from the get-go. Kendra and Joe, who haven't shared as much time in the spotlight as Joe's sisters (who are the focus of the "19 Kids and Counting" spin-off, "Counting On"), have been sitting down to do a few interviews with TLC to play some games with Joe's sisters and revealing information about themselves.

They recently did a super cute video in which the pair talked about their favorite things about each other, as well as their favorite things in general.

The couple talks favorite things about each other

Of course, newlyweds would be gushing over one another, and Kendra and Joseph were no different when they sat down to talk about their favorite aspects of each other. Joe said that his favorite thing about Kendra was her laugh and those who have watched "Counting On" know that Kendra likes to giggle a lot. It may, however, be a nervous habit that she has as although she grew up conservative like the Duggar family, she didn't grow up with a ton of cameras following her every move. Kendra, however, explained that her favorite thing about Joe was his eyes and well as his dimples.

When asked what their favorite colors were, while Joe went for a "burnt orange," Kendra told fans that her favorite color was that of Joseph's eyes. Definitely spoken by a newlywed in love!

What else do they like?

Joseph, as mentioned previously, hasn't gotten as much airtime as his older sisters (and younger sister, Joy-Anna), so while audiences know who he is, they may not necessarily know him as well as some of his other siblings.

Joseph mentioned that his favorite animal was a raccoon, which Kendra thought was pretty bizarre, but also hilarious. Kendra mentioned that her favorite animal has always been a ladybug since she was little. She shared with TLC that she had lots of ladybug paraphernalia, including gear for a rainy day decked out all in ladybugs.

Joe told audiences that his favorite food was lasagna, while Kendra had a harder time deciding. She told audiences she didn't really like vegetables, but otherwise wasn't a picky eater. Still, her favorite cuisine, she said, was definitely Mexican.

Watch the adorable video below.