Here comes the Men In Black and they are back with a new movie. However, the new production is a spin-off film, which will not be starring the franchise's main characters, Agent K and Agent J.

Sony Pictures announced that they are finally taking the popular movie franchise to the next level with the next production. They have set the new “Men in Black” spin-off for a 2019 release and have signed on notable names in the film industry to work on the movie.

Spin-off release date and more details

The untitled spin-off has already been scheduled to debut in theaters on May 17, 2019.

Sony Pictures have gotten Matt Holloway and Art Marcum to work on the upcoming movie’s script, which is reportedly leaning on a plot revolving around an alien invasion on a massive global scale.

Holloway and Marcum are a well-known American screenwriting duo who worked on the scripts of various movies such as “Iron Man,” “Transformers: The Last Knight,” and “Punisher: War Zone.” Even though will smith and Tommy Lee Jones will not be reprising their roles in the upcoming spin-off, the production has revealed that they will be building the script around the world that their characters have lived in.

Aside from Marcum and Holloway, Walter F. Parkes and Laurie MacDonald are back on board as producers and Steven Spielberg will take on the role of the executive producer.

They are reportedly actively working on the film and they are currently in talks to land the perfect director as soon as possible.

Parkes told Deadline that the screenwriting duo has come up with a great story for the spin-off, which stays true to the core of the original movies and at the same time, ventures into fresh territories for the franchise.

Aside from completing the production crew and the script, they still have to come up with the cast and it has been revealed that they’re planning to sign on younger stars for the upcoming film.

'Men In Black 4' and 'Jump Street' crossover film

The news about the spin-off came as quite a surprise because fans have been looking forward to the third sequel and a crossover film with the “Jump Street” franchise.

The plans for a crossover movie were revealed in December 2014 when hackers got into Sony Picture’s system and let the cat out of the bag.

With the crossover surprise spoiled, the directors of the “Jump Street” film franchise confirmed that it was in the works. The production for the crossover film seems to be moving forward since James Bobin has signed on as director in 2016.

As for “Men In Black 4,” actors Smith and Jones have said before that they are willing to consider appearing in another sequel. Nothing has been set in stone yet. However Oren Uziel, who worked on “22 Jump Street,” “Freaks of Nature,” and “Shimmer Lake,” has been working on the fourth movie’s script for Sony Pictures.