kelly dodd's daughter isn't handling her Mom And Dad's divorce as bad as you might think she is. 10-year-old Jolie has survived her parents' stormy marriage and is actually "happy" her parents are finally splitting up. It just goes to show that sometimes the argument of parents staying together for the sake of the kids isn't always the best thing to do for them.

No mom guilt over divorce

Dodd told People Now on Monday that Jolie is "totally happy" about the divorce. Whenever her friends tell Jolie that they're sorry to hear about her parents, she tells them that she's "happy."

A few weeks ago it was revealed that Kelly and her husband, Michael Dodd, were divorcing.

They filed five years ago, but decided to make it work for the sake of Jolie. It wasn't meant to be and the "RHOC" star decided to get out of an unhealthy situation. She confessed that they've had their problems for years and it finally reached a level where she'd had enough.

Dodd looked at her own parents' relationship and she realized that it "wasn’t healthy and mine isn’t either.” She went on to explain that "my daughter isn’t happy with us, she’s happy we’re divorcing so it’s better for her.”

The sad part for Kelly

It might be a relief to Kelly that she's getting out of the marriage, but she's sad about the situation between she and Michael. She still considers him a good friend and he's her family since they have a daughter together.

The fact that she can't just pick up the phone and call him and be excited about something is the downside to their divorce. She shared that Michael is upset with her right now, so calling him anytime she wants is kind of out of the question. Kelly did add that Michael will eventually "get over it."

Troubled marriage documented on 'RHOC'

Troubles in the Dodd marriage were aired on "RHOC" last season and tension is still felt with the couple in season 12.

Kelly and Michael frequently clashed and agreed on very little. It was apparent they weren't the happiest of couples, but there were moments that they shared in the comfort of each other's company. There were scenes in which Kelly would vent to Michael about the feuds she had with some of the other "RHOC" cast members and he willingly listened to her.

Jolie hasn't had much airtime this season. Last season she was on the show more and had some mother-daughter moments with Kelly. The only other family members seen on the show thus far is Kelly's mother and father. Storylines have touched on a bit of their backstory, perhaps a foreshadowing of Kelly's divorce from Michael.