The news came out over the weekend that Jeannie Mai is divorcing her husband of ten years. Since the ladies of "The Real" are transparent and known for keeping things real, it was no surprise that Jeannie confirmed the sad news on the show on Monday, October 23. She was extremely emotional as she spoke to the studio audience and to television viewers about what she and her husband are going through. She thanked everyone for their love and support not only for her but for Freddy as well.

The 38-year-old host, actress, fashion expert, and make-up artist married Freddy Harteis, host of "The Hollywood Hunter" that airs on the Sportsman Channel, on August 11, 2007.

Freddy has been a guest on "The Real" many times. He even filled in for Jeannie as a co-host when she was away.

The tearful host gave a very good illustration by saying that people in a marriage are like two trees growing together side by side with their roots intertwined. When they begin moving in opposite directions, they are no longer rooted together. She alluded that's what happened to her and Freddy.

No reason was given for the divorce

Jeannie did not give a reason for their divorce during her confirmation. However, she has mentioned on the show many times before that Freddy wants children, but she doesn't. They had discussed that before they got married. She could sense that her husband really does want children.

As much as she loves him, she doesn't want to have children just to save her marriage.

Jeannie spoke very highly of Freddy, claiming he is the best man she knows. She gave a very kind description of him when she said he's like her dad, who is loyal and compassionate. She acknowledged that there were never any lies or cheating throughout their marriage.

She said everyone in her family loves Freddy, and she was hoping that people wouldn't take sides.

Supportive co-hosts

Jeannie's co-hosts, Tamera Mowry-Housley, Adrienne Houghton and Loni Love, are very supportive. They shed tears themselves, but they also comforted one of their own by telling her she would be fine. Even though the news is just coming out to the public, the co-hosts have known for a while that there was trouble in the marriage.

They had noticed that Jeannie had stopped wearing her wedding ring, and she had stopped posting photos of Freddy on her social media accounts. They also knew the couple was seeing a marriage counselor.

At the end of Monday's episode, Loni read some tweets that people had posted during the show. They showed love and support for Jeannie. Through tears, Jeannie asked that they show love and support to Freddy as well.