American singer Shania Twain is set to be a guest judge tonight on "Dancing With The Stars." Twain is no stranger to the entertainment industry as she is the best-selling female country artist of all-time. That means she knows what talent is so she is definetnly the perfect fit for a judging role on this show. The country singer will not only be judging the contestants but she herself will also be performing on the show. She will be performing the song “Soldier” off of her new album "Now" -- her first album in fifteen years.

Shania Twain's new record

When Twain was asked by People how the album would be different from her past records she had quite a lot to say. For example, she commented, “I discovered things in my voice that I did not know were there.” People then asked her to elaborate on how the new record would sound different from her past works. Twain answered with: “Things that I just hadn’t tried before, because I wasn’t forced to try them. Almost out of compensating for the things that I couldn’t do, I inadvertently discovered other elements of my voice.”

However, her fans should not worry as the album will still sound like a Shania Twain record. You see, Twain commented on her new record and artistic journey over the last fifteen years, saying “I’m still myself, but I’ve changed.” The following quote is also her favorite lyric from the closing track on the new album, “All in All.” As she believes the lyric again best describes her after all the things she has been through.

'Dancing with the Stars' contestant news

Tonight, on “Dancing with the Stars” you will be able to see the remaining couples pay homage to cult films in their dances. An example of one of these film-inspired dances that Twain is judging tonight would be “Dirty Dancing.” All I can say is that I hope the contestants pick a film Twain loves, as that couldn't hurt their score.

Last week we saw the shocking elimination of “Pretty Little Liars” actress Sasha Pieterse and her professional dance partner Gleb Savchenko. Pieterse was interviewed by Good Morning America a day after her elimination, and she said that she felt “pretty bummed,” about being eliminated from the dance competition. Last week, Pieterse and her partner paid homage to the Disney fairy tale “The Little Mermaid.”

It is definitely safe to say that after her shocking elimination any couple could be eliminated if the judges don't give them a high enough score.

It is also worth mentioning that when she was on the show, she lost a total of thirty-seven pounds after dealing with her weight issues. Unfortunately for Pieterse, if she survived just one more week she would have been able to see Twain's performance in person for the show.

Be sure to check out Twain guest judging tonight’s episode and remember that nobody is truly safe from elimination. That means that even your favorite couple could be going home.