Kailyn Lowry gave birth to her son, Lux Russell, about two months ago, so she may still be dealing with some Baby Weight. Usually, women who have given birth have to wait six weeks before going back to the gym. This means that Lowry may still be healing from the birth. Even though she has documented her birth story, it is possible that she suffered from something that could keep her from working out.

But her followers appear to have little understanding of this. The "Teen Mom 2" star had to promote this season of "marriage boot camp" and she showed up with a body that some people felt was bigger than usual.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now defending her body, saying she just gave birth. Perhaps her young fans haven't gone through a pregnancy and don't know that it can take a while for some women to shed the weight.

Is baby weight just an excuse?

Of course, she could be working out at home to shed the weight. But one of her followers hinted that Kailyn was just using the baby weight as an excuse. Pregnancy is an interesting process as some people actually lose weight after having the baby. One person criticized Kailyn Lowry's excuse for carrying the extra weight, revealing that baby weight is just an excuse for people eating anything they want during pregnancy.

The baby weight may be an excuse for some people, but it seems like some women can't control what they want to eat.

But it sounds like Kailyn wants to shed the baby weight and do whatever it takes to get rid of the extra weight.

She's been called fat before

It was just last week that Lowry shared a photo on social media of herself with her co-star, Amina Buddafly, as they were promoting the newest season of "Marriage Boot Camp." Lowry gave birth just two weeks ago and she may still be struggling with some baby weight.

It is also possible that her body is still swollen from the whole process.

After she filed for divorce, Lowry decided to get plastic surgery. She had several parts of her body enhanced and lifted. This made her look bigger on purpose in certain areas, and it sounds like she could be looking bigger because of her surgery. However, her followers can be mean and rude, so she shouldn't take the comments seriously or personally.

She should just focus on her own health and her new baby.

What do you think about Kailyn Lowry's comments about being overweight and one of her followers telling her that she's just using the baby weight as an excuse?