"Teen Mom 2" star Kailyn Lowry has officially left the hospital with her brand new baby boy. Photographers snapped photos of Kailyn and her hidden-away new son being wheeled out of the hospital and ready to go home. However, there was someone else in attendance, Lowry's baby daddy, Chris Lopez. Chris was seen driving Kailyn home and helping to put her and their newborn son in his car after their hospital release.

Fans were stunned to see Chris Lopez at Kailyn's side after she gave birth

As many "Teen Mom 2" fans know, Kailyn Lowry has been more than open about the fact that she fully expected to be a full-time single mom to baby number three.

Kailyn hinted that chris lopez may not be very involved in raising their child, and that she was planning to raise the baby by herself if that is what it took. It seemed that Chris had no interest in Kailyn's pregnancy or raising the child. However, these photos could tell a very different story. Perhaps Kailyn and Chris put aside their differences and will be working together to co-parent their new little bundle of joy after all.

Baby Lowry joins his two big brothers Isaac and Lincoln

Before the birth of the baby, which reportedly still doesn't have a name yet, sources revealed that Chris Lopez saw his prior relationship with Kailyn Lowry as a "relationship of convenience" and that he "never actually loved her." The two did have a short-lived relationship, but Chris reportedly decided that he wanted something else and split with the "Teen Mom 2" star.

Insiders revealed that no matter the state of their relationship, Kailyn had planned to reach out to Chris when she went into labor, and it looks like she did just that. Kailyn welcomed her third son on Saturday morning, and he'll now join older brothers Isaac Elliot, 7, and Lincoln Marshall, 3.

Don't expect to see Chris on camera anytime soon

Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez's relationship has seemingly been filled with drama, but "Teen Mom 2" fans won't get to see it all play out on the show, as Chris has refused to film for the MTV series. Kailyn has opened up about the pregnancy and Lopez on camera, but it doesn't look like her third baby daddy wants to be thrust into the spotlight.

It's unclear whether or not Kailyn allowed "TM2" cameras to film while she was in the hospital, or if Lopez was there to witness the birth of his child. Perhaps those questions will be answered during an upcoming episode of the series. Meanwhile, fans are eagerly awaiting photos and new details about the reality TV star's new baby boy.