Kailyn Lowry gave birth to her son back in August and she took some time to care for herself after the birth. As she explained in her birth story, baby Lux Russell was born within just a few hours of her having her first contractions. She revealed that she was excited about becoming a mother for the first time even though she was doing everything herself. Prior to getting pregnant with baby Lux, Kailyn had gone through a massive surgery to lift parts of the body. She also had liposuction and a tummy tuck.

Lowry made headlines with the surgery, and she decided to have it done after her husband had deployed to serve overseas.

Perhaps she felt she needed a mommy makeover after giving birth to her second son, Lincoln, but after learning that her marriage was in trouble, Kailyn may have gotten the surgery so she could bounce back with the revenge body. Javi Marroquin revealed he was saddened to see her get surgery because he liked the way she looked before. The two later divorced, but fans are now wondering if she's going to have surgery once again to bounce back from her third pregnancy.

No plans to visit Miami

According to her Twitter account, Kailyn Lowry has no plans of getting plastic surgery after this pregnancy. When someone accused her of already having some surgery done and even getting some veneers, Lowry lashed out saying that she was not having plastic surgery – not this time.

It sounds like she's going to work out and shed the baby weight the hard way.

It's also possible that she's already started to plan out her weight loss, as she has started to consume more salads and more low-fat foods. She's constantly complaining about eating salad on social media.

Maybe she's realizing that it's best for her to keep her weight struggles to herself rather than talk about them with her fans and followers.

No support

Kailyn Lowry has revealed that she's getting little support when it comes to her problems, as people use her problems and issues against her. Whenever she tweets something, many of her fans assume it's about her ex-husband or her complaining about something.

Even though her fans are constantly defending her, her haters can be quite harsh towards her. It sounds like she's not getting much support from anywhere. Perhaps her only supporter is her ex-boyfriend, Jo Rivera, as the two have learned to be friends and supporters of one another.

What do you think about Kailyn Lowry denying plastic surgery to bounce back from her pregnancy?