Taylor Swift may have taken a subtle swipe at ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris on her newly-released “…Ready for It” music video, and even some fans missed it.

Uh-oh. Calvin Harris so wasn’t ready for it (or was he?). Taylor Swift apparently dropped plenty of disses and Easter eggs in her latest music video for “…Ready for It,” the second single and video from her forthcoming album “Reputation,” out on Nov. 10.

As fans continue theorizing about the music video’s Sci-Fi-ridden content, the pop queen may have given her ex-boyfriend of one year a reason to freak out a little bit.

Swift has seemingly revived her bad blood with Harris, with whom she parted ways in May 2016, with a subtle diss in the video.

Taylor Swift dissing Calvin Harris

Lightning bolts that are all over “…Ready for It” may be a direct reference to “This Is What You Came For,” the 2016 hit by Calvin Harris featuring Rihanna, which Taylor Swift secretly co-wrote when dating the DJ/producer.

In the Harris/Rihanna song, lightning takes central stage, as Rih Rih repeats throughout the lyrics several times, “Lightning, this is what you came for / Lightning strikes every time she moves.”

And there is a lot of that lightning at the end of “…Ready for It,” when the robotic version of Taylor Swift destroys the hoodie-clad version of herself.

But that’s not the only apparent lightning reference in the newly-released music video (and they say lightning never strikes twice!).

Lightning strikes twice

In the clip’s title card, the words “…Ready for It” and the name Taylor Swift appear over a stormy background featuring dark clouds and lightning. The imagery bears an eerie resemblance to the artwork for Harris’s 2016 song.

Even though many thought Swift put the ownership battle behind her, the “…Ready for It” music video may suggest quite the opposite. After Taylor Swift claimed songwriting credit for the hit song last year, Calvin Harris fired off a series of since-deleted tweets.

Taylor Swift is no stranger to dissing and referencing her ex-lovers in songs and music videos. Famous men dissed in Swift’s songs include her exes Jake Gyllenhaal (“We Are Never Getting Back Together,” “Everything Has Changed,” and “The Last Time”), Joe Jonas, Harry Styles, Conor Kennedy, John Mayer, Taylor Lautner, and others.

And this is what Calvin Harris apparently came for: the DJ/Producer joined the long list of Swift’s ex-boyfriends dissed in her songs and music videos. Taylor Swift is also believed to have dissed her long-time nemesis Kanye West in “…Ready for It.” The singer’s choice to sport a robotic, nearly-naked bodysuit may be a reference to West’s infamous “Famous” video showing a naked wax figure in her likeness.