Maci Bookout is one of the only "Teen Mom OG" stars who lives a quiet and private life. When she's filming the show, she will open up about her life in Tennessee, but when she's not filming and doesn't have an obligation to open up about her life, she remains private. She's never acted on social media either, which means Fans don't know what she's up to. In fact, she only shares snippets of her life on various social network sites.

Because Maci has such a large following on social media, she's been approached by various companies to do product placements and advertisements.

One can imagine she's getting paid for all of the sponsored posts, where she's promoting everything from weight loss tea to boxes with beauty products. Because she's not a frequent poster, fans noticed more and more sponsored posts from her than some of the other stars of "Teen Mom OG." And now, some fans are getting frustrated with the fact that all they see are relevant product placements.

Bring it back

Maci has recently shared everything from a FabFitFun box to weight loss tea. Even though she's getting paid for these advertisements, fans are getting frustrated because they don't want to get pitched to every time she posts something on social media. In addition, it seems like she's posting products that are not even relevant her own life.

It's clear that she's not using weight-loss tea as she's already very thin.

On a recent post, fans told her that she needed to stop promoting these products because she is clearly not a user herself. No one believes that the very thin and frail Maci drinks thinning tea. Despite having three children, her body bounced right back.

Too many filters

Fans also complained that the pictures she shared were often not realistic. Apparently, she's being accused of using too many filters on her photos, which makes the post even more on unrelatable. In a recent photo, her skin and her eyes look like they are shining and glittering more than normal. It sounds like people are getting fed up with the way she's approaching the sponsored posts and they would prefer to see nothing at all than to be pitched to every time they log onto Instagram.

What do you think about Maci Bookout and her sponsored posts? Why do you think she's promoting a thinning tea when she's clearly not a user herself? Do you think fans will continue to criticize her and eventually unfollow her, which could influence her payments for these sponsored posts?