The drama between Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez seems like it will never die. the on-again, off-again "LHHATL" couple is definitely off again and now they've been warned to keep their beef off social media too.

According to TMZ, the parents of Bonnie Bella were warned by a judge to stop threatening and harassing internet behavior directed at each other or their child. The decision came about as the two try to figure out child support and custody of their baby girl.

Not the first time

This isn't the first time that the dysfunctional "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" couple has been officially ordered to stop posting to and about each other online.

It turns out that the first order came about two years ago and because of its age, the order ran out.

Anyone who has followed the break ups and make ups of Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez already knows that they either didn't know about or didn't care about the first one. Otherwise, something would have been done last year while Joseline was pregnant and spreading some seriously wild claims about Stevie across the internet.

Past social media claims

Joseline claimed on Twitter that Stevie molested his daughter Eva with Mimi Faust. She also claimed that Stevie preferred men while watching adult films among other shockers.

There were also some violent incidents reported during their separation, including an alleged attack on Stevie late last year because Joseline believed that Stevie was seeing other women while they were split up.

Stevie made some heavy accusations too. He claimed that Joseline was using hard drugs while she was pregnant and that she had been drinking too. He even tried to have Joseline drug tested at the time she gave birth to Bonnie Bella. It has never been reported whether he was able to get that drug test or if he let Hernandez off the hook.

There were many more incidents between the "LHHATL" stars in recent months. To list them all would take way too long. Long story short, after trying again to make it work as a couple, Stevie and Joseline have found themselves at odds with each other again.

In addition to the social media gag order, Stevie did manage to pull out a win.

After months of Joseline Hernandez threatening to take Bonnie Bella and move to Miami, she was blocked from doing so. at least for now, the judge who has the misfortune of sorting out their mess ordered that no one can move Bonnie Bella out of Georgia for more than two weeks.

The final child support and custody order for Bonnie Bella could be very interesting considering the legal and personal problems that Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez have dealt with as the public watched.