A lot of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" fans thought that Joseline Hernandez might really have changed her ways after becoming a mother. According to Funky Dineva, nothing has changed and the "LHHATL" star is back to doing drugs and partying hard. She's even been accused of using the services of a Makeup Artist and then not paying her bill while sharing a house with Benzino's ex-fiance Althea Heart.

Joseline and Althea are roommates?

The biggest shocker to come from the latest Joseline Hernandez report is that she has been sharing a house with Althea "Thi Thi" Heart.

Those who have followed "LHHATL" for any length of time know that Joseline and Althea were not friends on the VH1 reality show. As a matter of fact, after the Season 3 "LHHATL" reunion show, Althea Heart sued Joseline Hernandez, claiming that the Puerto Rican princess beat her up on stage in a drug-fueled brawl.

It as after the Season 3 reunion show that Althea and her ex-fiance Benzino were fired from "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta." They blamed their beef with Stevie J and Joseline on the dismissal.

The makeup artist wants to be paid

What's not shocking is that Joseline Hernandez is accused of not paying her makeup artist. According to the Funky Dineva report, Joseline and her most recent artist became close enough that the makeup artist was spending nights at the house that Joseline and Althea share.

Apparently, Joseline's arrangement with Althea and the makeup artist (whose name was not revealed, by the way) was going well up until recently. Joseline arranged for another overnighter because the MUA was going to do Joseline's makeup early the following day. It was also revealed that the MUA was going to do makeup for Joseline's sister and Stevie's daughter too, making for a very early morning.

The problem is, Althea Heart didn't know about this plan and became enraged when she came home to find the makeup artist in her home again, this time cooking up all of her groceries. Althea went off because she claimed to be the only person buying food in the house and didn't want the makeup artist, who didn't even live there, eating all her food.

The makeup artist called Joseline and asked that she explain to Althea that she was asked to stay over and to cook. Joseline reportedly said she didn't have time for the drama and suggested that the MUA and Althea "figure it out." That's when things went really bad and Joseline lost her temper and ended up fighting with the MUA on the phone.

Here come's the lawsuit

Now we're left with an angry makeup artist who wants to be paid and Joseline Hernandez who has been accused of taking drugs and partying hard. It was reported that Joseline's legal team caught wind of the lawsuit headed their way and tried to play damage control with the makeup artist. They allegedly tried to get force some sort of gag order on the unpaid friend/employee, asking that none of Joseline's tea be spilled.

The legal team didn't want the makeup artist to talk about what had been since inside Joseline's home, especially when it came to the alleged drug use.

In the wake of the accusations against Joseline Hernandez, it's only fair to point out that the "LHHATL" star and the Atlanta blogger Funky Dineva have a strained past themselves. Just two years ago, Joseline went off about the popular blogger during "Afterparty Live!" when Funky Dineva was patched in via video conference to question Joseline about her music career. There has been bad blood between them ever since.