The "American Idol" reboot is so close we can almost hear the first round of tone-deaf auditions already. It didn't take long for ABC to get organized once they got the green light from Freemantle to reboot the formerly Fox-network series.Now that the judges have been decided, things should start moving much faster toward a premiere date for the popular singing competition.

Soon after learning that "American Idol" would be making a comeback, it was reported that Katy Perry would be taking a spot on the judges' panel. Then we were teased for months about who might also be interested in judging singing hopefuls on the once-popular show.

The hunt for 'American Idol' judges

There were plenty of "American Idol" rumors regarding who might want to sip Coca-Cola from behind the famous desk. There were even a few former "AI" contestants who defected and started judging on "The Voice" instead.

There were concerns over the budget that "American Idol" had left to sign two more judges after inking deals with Katy Perry and Ryan Seacrest. Perry reportedly got $25 million for one season. Seacrest came in second with $15 million. After signing such big stars and for so much money, many "AI" fans wondered who they might be able to sign on with two spots open and just $`10 million left in the budget.

Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie join Katy Perry

Despite all of that, ABC and "AI" have finalized the judges' panel and they did a remarkable job. It turns out that the Luke Bryan rumors were true. According to Variety, the country singer has signed on

It's unclear how much ABC will be paying Luke Bryan for his services.

Considering that he's been making millions on tour, he certainly didn't come cheap.

The third "Idol" judge is also set. The legendary Lionel Richie will be bringing his talents to the singing competition. This was also a total surprise considering the small budget that producers were reportedly left with. Did they extend the budget and offer more money?

We don't know the answer to that question yet.

Another "American Idol" question that still hasn't been answered is when will the new season premiere? There are reports that filming is happening and the official "American Idol" Instagram page has actively been posting information about when and where to try out.

Now that the judges' panel is set, it wouldn't be surprising to hear about a firm premiere date from ABC in the coming weeks. Are you looking forward to the rebooted version of "American Idol" on ABC?