We learned the answer to this ubiquitous question in the third episode of Season 11 of "The Big Bang Theory". The Relaxation Integration raised an interesting question whether a reasonable and easy going Sheldon can exist or not.

Welcome to the council of Sheldon

The impending wedding caused enough stress to Sheldon that he snapped into somniloquence. His sleep-talking revealed a laid-back side of Sheldon which he must be suppressing for a long time. A worried Amy shared a recording of his sleeptalk with Leonard and Penny who refused to believe that it is the same guy they knew for last eleven years.

The idea that a laid-back Sheldon can even exist is inconceivable. Sheldon Cooper has some conditions like narcissism, ego-centrism, social dysfunction and obsessive-compulsive tendencies. The possibility of the desire to relax and accept the world as it seems inconceivable. However, that possibility was discussed in the episode where Sheldon, the Self, asked about allowing a seat to the Laid-Back Sheldon in the Council.

The Council was comprised of:

  • Science Sheldon
  • Texas Sheldon
  • Fanboy Sheldon
  • Germaphobe Sheldon
  • Humorous Sheldon

All the members of the Council denied the motion.

The side story deals with Bernadette having a dinner with a new colleague who happened to be a single female. When Howard learned the fact, he tipped off his two desperate friends, Raj and Stewart.

They surprised Bernadette by arriving at the restaurant unannounced and hijacked her dinner.

This whole scenario has been repeated so many times that you cannot stop yourself from changing the channel. Yes, we know they are single. Yes, we also know they are desperate to date any female within in a mile radius. But, it doesn’t mean that we are enthusiastic about watching it again and again.

The episode ended with a dazed and ragged Sheldon came back to Amy from a rendezvous. He narrated the tale of his feeble attempt at trying new stuff which ended with his one leg in “warm apple juice” and the other in “melted chocolate”. He concluded that Amy should plan the event as he was not accustomed to changing.

Final verdict

It was a fresh episode, at least in part after the first two stagnant episodes. The idea of Sheldon holding a council in his head was pertinent and palatable. The Big Bang Theory is suffering from lack of story arches for side characters. Raj, an astronomer, has no other problem these days except worrying about his relationship status. It was all fun and games until Steward and Bert were also thrown into the mix. Now it looks like a parade of desperate bachelors.

The screen space of Howard and Bernadette is nonexistent. Penny and Leonard have become the audience to their friends' life. Sheldon and Amy are the stars of the show, and nobody will steal that limelight anytime sooner by the way things are going in The Big Bang Theory.