"Fuller House" Season 3 is set to begin streaming on Netflix on September 22, and fans couldn't be more excited about the new season. This week, the streaming site released the first official trailer for the new season of the fan favorite series, and there were tons of spoilers revealed in the new clips.

Show to honor original series' anniversary

The first thing that fans will notice is that "Fuller House" will pay tribute to the "Full House" 30th anniversary. DJ is seen talking with Kimmy and Stephanie about how it has been 30 years since Jesse and Joey moved in to the house with their father, Danny Tanner, to help raise the three girls after the tragic death of their mother, Pam.

In the new trailer, Joey and Jesse are seen returning to the house in the same fashion they did in the original pilot. It's a great nod to the original series, and brings back lots of happy memories for fans that have watched both shows.

Love is in the air

Meanwhile, while "Fuller House" fans will learn that Stephanie's love life is going great, (She mentions she's "in love" with Jimmy Gibler!) DJ's love life is still a bit messy. Although DJ decided that she was ready to date after losing her husband, her dating life has been a mess ever since. For a while she was conflicted about choosing between her high school boyfriend, Steve, and her hunky co-worker, Matt. When she had finally chose to be with Steve, he had already moved on to a new woman, CJ, a DJ clone.

Later, DJ and Matt started a romance and were still together at the end of Season 2. However, there were moments, especially toward the end of the season, where it seemed like DJ and Steve may have been having second thoughts about being together. By the season finale, Steve and CJ were engaged, and it seemed that DJ was a bit upset by that.

The wedding is on...for now

In the trailer, it's revealed that Steve and CJ will be getting married in Season 3, and that DJ will be a bridesmaid at the wedding. When Steve and CJ decide to get married in Japan, it looks like the Fuller-Tanner-Gibler family will be headed to Asia to celebrate the nuptials. However, it seems that something could go wrong, and Steve and DJ could end up sharing a moment.

Perhaps the wedding will even be called off!

The kids are alright

As for the kids of "Fuller House," it looks like they'll all be doing well. Jackson seems to be focused on school, Max is as adorable as ever, and little Tommy is toddling around. However, Kimmy's daughter, Ramona, may be having some trouble. She is seen asking Jesse for advice about boys, and the trailer even shows a shot of Ramona looking sad -- could it have something to do with Bobby Popko?

A new member of the family

Meanwhile, it looks like "Fuller House" fans will get to see more of Jesse and Becky's new adopted daughter, Pamela. In one scene, the little girl can be seen in a playpen next to Jesse. Although Becky's not seen in the trailer, it seems likely that actress Lori Loughlin will pop up sometime during Season 3 to reprise her role as Aunt Becky, provide comic relief, and give advice to DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy.