Jessa Duggar has no shame in her housekeeping game, in fact, she has no game when it comes to housekeeping. The reality television star and mother recently shared some pretty nasty photos revealing that keeping a clean house is not high on her list of priorities. Jessa Duggar was shown no mercy on the social media after sharing several photos of her home that reveals she and husband Ben Seewald along with their two young sons Spurgeon and Henry pretty much live in a pig sty.

Jessa Duggar mommy shamed

Radar Online reports that Jessa Duggar's home photos reveal a bedroom dresser stacked with close to a dozen dirty disposable diapers on top in a heaping pile of stink.

While another photo of a guest bedroom reveals six or more loads of unfolded laundry strewn across the bed. Jessa did, however, caption the photo adding that at least the laundry was clean.

Moving on to the next picture a bedside table covered in six months of dust next to her and Ben's bed that shows filthy sheets with yellow stains that Jessa admits are from her son spitting up. Jessa claims she has been sleeping on those stained and smelly sheets without changing them for several nights! Fans and Instagram followers were shocked by the disgusting mess and had no problem telling her so.

Fans shocked by Jessa Duggar's online overshare

Several other photos revealed a dirty kitchen with dishes filling the sinks and a stove covered in grease and food crumbs.

One commenter stated that in the time that Jessa spent taking photos, and posting captions she could have cleaned up the mess. Another slammed the 24-year-old mother stating that she needed to get her act together, and if she would rather spend her time with her boys rather than keeping house then she should "hire a housekeeper," adding it is not like they can't afford it.

As previously reported the Duggar Family rakes in a pretty penny per episode for their TLC reality television series somewhere to the tune of $25,000-$40,000 per show. At 24 episodes a season that adds up to a nice payday for each family member. We also are aware that the family, like most, love to share their photos on social media.

What has many confused is why Jessa Duggar Seewald chose to share her nasty and dirty unkept house pics.The reality star had to have known that the photos would not go unnoticed by her followers, not to mention bring in a ton of judgemental comments. Such publicity could also potentially set off a red flag with CPS.

Is the real Duggar family starting to show?

However, Jessa is not the only Duggar family member to have caused a rift in the past few weeks. Jinger Duggar continues to push the envelope when it comes to the family's strict rules, and Jill's husband Derick Dillard recently lashed out on Twitter over comments concerning his employment, or non-employment status. Do you wonder what mamma Michelle and daddy Jim Bob Duggar will have to say about this negative attention being drawn to the Duggar family?

What are your thoughts on Jessa Duggar Seewald's dirty house?