Spoiler alerts from "Soaps She Knows" indicate there will be trouble this week in the Forrester home on "The Bold and the Beautiful." Mateo, the handyman and the masseuse, is going to make a bold move where his employer's wife is concerned. He is going to cross a line while giving Quinn a massage and it will backfire in his face. This jack of all trades will have to quickly change his strategy in order to maintain his source of employment. Once he shifts his direction Quinn will gain the Upper Hand where Sheila Carter is concerned. Once again, Eric will be caught between these two women and won't sure which one to believe.

Sheila believes Mateo is putty in her hands

Sheila hired Mateo to seduce Quinn so she could break up her marriage to Eric. He has been giving Mrs. Forester back rubs, and also a listening ear. This week he will take things to another level so that Ms.Carter will continue paying him. He may allow his hand to slip someplace inappropriate or even give Mrs. Forrester a kiss. Unfortunately for Sheila, her rival will not appreciate the handy man's advances.

Quinn will be outraged because this employee is trying to make unwelcome advances towards her. Mateo will be put on the spot. He does not want to lose a lucrative position for a few handouts from Sheila. He is going to betray Ms. Carter and she will not like it.

He will tell Quinn the truth and offer to switch his loyalty to Eric's wife. This will really cause things to escalate between the current and former Mrs. Forrester.

Eric will be caught in the middle again between Quinn and Sheila

Quinn is determined not to do anything that will hurt her husband again, while Sheila is equally focused on seeing to it that the Forrester patriarch is disappointed by his wife.

Once Mateo comes clean to his boss's wife and pledges allegiance to her, spoilers say she will immediately confront her nemesis. She will no doubt tell all to her husband who will talk to his ex-wife.

After listening to both women Eric will no doubt be uncertain as to which one is telling the truth. Once he saw that his current wife put bruises on Katie's arm, and listened to how she attacked the woman she found in bed with her son, Eric realized the old Quinn Fuller was not dead and gone.

For this reason, Sheila may be able to talk her way out of the Mateo situation and get her ex-husband to take her side. When her spouse does not immediately believe her version of things, this will probably push Quinn completely over the edge and her psycho personality may return.