Jenelle Evans decided to focus on her family life after MTV aired a dramatic episode of "Teen Mom 2" last week. During the episode, Jenelle and David Eason were trying to take a photo of them together where they would announce their wedding date. However, Jenelle's son Kaiser was crying in the background and Eason clearly didn't have the patience to deal with him. He grabbed Kaiser's arm and dragged him across the property. He was angry and fans were furious to see him act like this with a child that wasn't his. Jenelle decided to distance herself from the network and social media, but she was busy promoting various products to make money.

According to an Instagram post, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that she thinks a cheating app is a good idea to have. In one of her promotions, Evans decided to promote a cheating app so her followers could catch their partners cheating. But it is odd that she would promote a cheating app just weeks after getting married to David Eason.

Cheating is not an issue

Even though Jenelle Evans and her husband may have some issues, it sounds like they are working on becoming that perfect family she's always wanted. Evans has revealed that David is the perfect guy for her and she's convinced he wants the best for her. While David may not be thinking about cheating on his wife, some people are concerned about his controlling ways.

It's no secret that Eason may have some anger issues that he can't control.

Before the dramatic fight with Kaiser on "Teen Mom 2" last Monday, Jenelle had texted producers about a fight they were having. She revealed that he kept bringing her down. However, when producers showed up at their house, David denied that anything had happened.

Instead, he asked the producers to stay out of their business. It was almost scary to see two sides to his personality.

Fans are concerned for her and the children

These days, Jenelle has distanced herself from the spotlight. She's concerned about what people are saying about her family based on what they see on the show. Fans are concerned about Kaiser's safety with David, as he has already proven to have a short fuse with her son.

Plus, many people claim that Kaiser is terrified of David because of his personality and aggression. Fans will have to wait and see what happens with her and if she's returning to social media in the future.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans' decision to promote a cheating app? Do you think this is odd considering she's now married?