Fans of "Teen Mom 2" were shocked two weeks ago when Jenelle Evans and her husband, David Eason, were seen cursing at her son, Kaiser. In addition to the yelling and swearing, David pulled Kaiser roughly by the arm and told him to go play elsewhere while he and Jenelle attempted to finish their "save the date" photoshoot. Kaiser was also seen screaming "Feed me!" to his parents, who were too wrapped up in what they were doing to listen to their son. Fans of the show found this behavior deplorable, as Kaiser has been treated questionably in the past by his mother and stepfather.

But Jenelle claims that it was a result of bad editing. The mother-of-three threatened to quit the show that made her famous shortly after the episode aired and says she still hasn't made the decision as to whether or not she's coming back.

Jenelle says she's not sure if she should return

Jenelle and David were stopped as they arrived at LAX today, presumably to film the reunion special for "Teen Mom 2." They were asked by TMZ cameras whether or not they planned to return to the show that made them famous (not to mention helped them earn quite a bit of money).

"I have no idea [if I'm coming back] because it's really mentally hurting me. My kids are seeing me cry from comments online and they're upset because I'm upset, then [David]'s upset.

So my whole family is effected and it's not in a good way," Jenelle told TMZ cameras after they asked about whether or not she would reappear on the show.

Jenelle continued to say that she felt subtitling her son was inappropriate because he has a diagnosed speech impediment. She also insists that her son was not asking to be fed, but instead was asking for help from his older brother.

Other cast members slam Jenelle for her threats

Javi Marroquin, Kailyn Lowry's ex, has recently slammed Jenelle for her threats to quit the show. According to Javi, almost every main cast member on "Teen Mom" has threatened to quit the show, and it is getting old because without the show, no one would know who they are.

Jenelle came under fire with her cast mates during last season's reunion when she left while the show was taping due to the fact that she was still upset that her mother, Barbara, had custody of her eldest son, Jace.

She and her husband David also took Jace without her mother's permission to the Los Angeles hotel room, and police members were called. The other cast members stated that they were doing their job by showing up to work.