Over the past several months, Jill Duggar's husband, derick dillard has been using his social media to create content that many people find objectionable. The father-of-two has taken to his social media to express his disdain for the LGBT community several times, specifically stating that transgendered people do not have the right to be gendered as they so choose. He has been vocal about the fact that they deserve the same civil rights as everyone else, but has also stated that since God gendered them at birth, they don't have business gendering themselves later on in life.

Of course, this has sparked outrage amongst his many followers, specifically those from the LGBT community.

Derick urges boycott of Target of LGBT issues

Derick, who was previously an employee of Wal-Mart, has urged fans to boycott Target stores because of their policy of gender neutral bathrooms. The Reality TV star is afraid of what this will mean as a "Christian country" and is upset that they would even entertain the idea of transgendered individuals to choose which restroom to relieve themselves. Derick has taken the conservative rhetoric, which states that transgendered females are really rapists and molesters in disguise and will end up harming children if they are allowed to choose the restroom they are most comfortable in.

Of course, this caused a firestorm of controversy for Derick, who has already faced strong Twitter backlash in the past.

Other controversies

Besides Derick asking his fans to boycott Target stores, Derick has also been in hot water for numerous posts on social media. The reality TV star has stated that he thinks that TLC should not promote a "transgender lifestyle" as they have with Jazz Jennings and her television series, "I Am Jazz." He deliberately misgendered her, saying that she is actually a male and that God has assigned her that way biologically and there is nothing she can do about it.

Jazz responded stating that she saw this incident as cyberbullying, and TLC stated that they did not agree with Derick's statements.

Derick also recently addressed the United States as the least racist country in the world and called it an anomaly. He later stated that he supports vice-president Mike Pence's actions in protesting football players who are protesting the National Anthem by sitting while it plays. Derick and Jill have also stated their support for Donald Trump.