Things are getting worse between Jenelle Evans and her mom, Barbara Evans, as she lost the full custody of her son, Jace, to her mother. Jenelle is now happy with her life with fiancé David Eason. The "Teen Mom" star is eager to keep her family and have all of her children, including Jace, under her wings. Unfortunately, the court didn't grant her request to have the custody of Jace.

Jenelle's mom gets the permanent custody of her son

Last May, Jenelle went to court because she wanted to file for the full custody of her eldest son, Jace, who is currently under her mom's care.

Jenelle wanted to have her son back, but her mom, Barbara was reluctant to cooperate. So, she decided to take legal actions.

Unfortunately, for Jenelle, the court did not grant her request. However, they told her that if Barbara fails to comply with her duties, she could be facing legal actions.

In the last episode of "Teen Mom 2," Jenelle got solid visitation days with son, Jace. However, she is not satisfied with it and threatened to cut ties with her mom. Jenelle was very upset with the court's decision and with Barbara's reluctance to surrender Jace to her, especially, considering that she's his mother. According to the MTV star, she no longer considers Barbara as her mom because the older Evans has completely ruined their relationship, Us Weekly reported.

Jenelle also decided not to invite her mom to her upcoming wedding with Eason. The reality star scheduled her big day on a weekend, when son, Jace, is with her.

Why did Barbara decide to keep Jace?

After the court’s decision, Barbara released a statement explaining why she is fighting for Jace’s custody. According to Barbara, she wanted to keep her grandson because Jenelle is not putting her son's well-being before her own desires.

However, she is not keeping the child from his own mom, as what the reality star felt and told her fans.

Barbara added that Jace has a great life with her. The tot attends school and is enrolled in Boy Scouts, Barbara also allowed him to attend summer camp.

In 2009, Evans surrendered her rights to her son, Jace, to her mom because she was not financially stable after delivering the child.

The "Teen Mom" had her fair share of drug addiction and failed relationships. Now that Jenelle feels that she has the life that she wanted, she is ready to take her son back.

Does Jenelle deserve Jace's full custody? What can you say about Barbara and Jenelle’s strained relationship over Jace’s custody? Drop a comment below.