A new trailer for the next episode of “Hell’s Kitchen: All-Stars” has just been released and the preview revealed that things had gotten more interesting. As if the tension wasn’t high enough already, the reality cooking show just made things more challenging.

The show’s all-star edition brought back 16 contestants from various seasons to cook their way up to the top and prove that they deserved the second chance. The show recently premiered, but two contestants have already taken off their jackets.

Another unexpected challenge

The latest trailer for “Hell’s Kitchen” Season 17 revealed the first challenge of the next episode.

Gordon Ramsay brought the farm to the contestants and they've been sent out to face a difficult challenge. However, the pen filled with animals, which included a duck, a cow, a goat, a lamb, and more, didn't have anything to do with the actual challenge.

With the animals right before their eyes, the contestants thought they had to do away with the fresh protein, but Gordon revealed that the actual challenge had something to do with the pen. Gordon announced that their new challenge was to cook using the wood planks, which were made of cedar and hickory.

In addition to using this grilling method, they've been tasked to choose from a fresh selection of fish, which consisted of salmon, cod, wahoo, and barramundi.

The preview explained that fish was the protein chosen for the challenge because it goes well with the planking technique.

Josh versus Elise

Aside from the challenging hurdle, it seems like it's rowdy once again in “Hell’s Kitchen” Season 17. The previous episode left off with an unexpected result during the elimination round, wherein Josh from the Blue Team was switched with Robyn from the Red Team.

Nobody got eliminated because Gordon wanted to give Josh and Robyn a chance to bounce back from their mistakes, but not everyone’s happy with the decision. Elise from the Red Team has given Josh the cold shoulder and things escalated when Josh confronted her about being a bully.

The other members of the Red Team backed up Josh in his claims against Elise.

Being one of the alpha women in the group, Elise was clearly not going to let her teammates get away with their betrayal.

In the early preview of the fifth episode, Elise threatened the team by refusing to work during the dinner service, which might put her team in a dangerous position. Nonetheless, Josh didn’t seem to care that much about Elise and somehow did well with his tasks.