Jeff Lewis has been filming "Flipping Out" for a couple of years and it sounds like things have changed quite a bit in his life. Jeff was in a completely different place when he first started filming the show and he was eating dating someone else at the time. However, these days, Lewis is in a happy and stable relationship with his boyfriend Gage Edwards and they now have a young daughter together, Monroe.

One can imagine that Jeff needs all the help he can get to ensure that his business is still running despite his new role as a father. As it turns out, one of his major supporters is now pulling the plug and quitting his business.

She was ready to go

On this upcoming season of "Flipping Out," fans will probably see you the last of Zoila, his cleaning lady, and friend. As it turns out, she has been working with Jeffrey Lewis for quite some time and she's ready to retire and enjoy her life. Jeff Lewis recently spoke out about her decision, and it sounds like he supports her all the way. She has been working for him for quite some time. But he is also saddened by her decision to leave the company behind to retire. She has truly become like family to him.

“It’s been kind of rough,” Lewis told PEOPLE, adding, “I’m happy for her new life, but of course we were sad over here and we miss her.”

Lewis spoke out about Zoila's decision to several magazines and it sounds like he is supportive of her decision.

But he is struggling to deal with his emotions. Of course, he may not realize just how valuable Zoila is been in his life, both as a housekeeper, but also is a great friend and support system for him.

Is she really gone?

One can imagine that Zoila isn't going away completely. Now that Jeffrey has his daughter Monroe, one can imagine that she wants to stick around and be there for her friend as he explores fatherhood.

There may be some signs on this upcoming season of "Flipping Out" that hints at her decision to retire. It is no secret that Zoila is an older lady and couldn't do many of the things she used to do when she was younger.

Jeff has taken great care of Zoila throughout the years, including buying her car for her birthday and even giving her money for surgery.

One can imagine that he will give her everything she needs to retire without any concerns or fears.

What do you think about Zoila's decision to retire now? Are you surprised that she will no longer be working for Jeff Lewis, and possibly not filming upcoming seasons of "Flipping Out?"