"Jane the Virgin" Season 4 premiered last week to introduce some new faces and voices into Jane Villanueva's story. For one, there's Adam, her first love played by Tyler Posey. The actor already debuted on the show's season 3 finale and is set to recur this season. Now that Michael is dead and gone, Posey's Adam is reintroduced as a love interest for Jane, who may still have feelings for Rafael three years after the death of Michael. During the series premiere, however, it was made clear that Rafael did not have feelings for Jane and was merely mistaken, so he went back to Petra.

United, they were off to battle Luisa to reclaim Rafael's part of the hotel. The premiere was polarizing at best: the show still banked on the relevance of the Marbella in Rafael and Petra's storyline. As for Jane, her storyline still seems to revolve around being stuck between two lovers. But what really makes Adam a viable lover for Jane? Posey recently shared that his character will help Jane learn "how to be a kid again" following the devastating death of Michael.

Tyler Posey sheds light on his character

In "Jane the Virgin" season 4, fans will get to know Tyler Posey's Adam, who was previously engaged to Jane at just 19-years-old. The show decided to go with someone from Jane's past most likely to give weight to the character to make him a viable threat for Rafael.

But according to Posey, it's more than just having another man in Jane's life. He told Hypable that Adam returns to Jane at a point in her life that's quite difficult, given Michael's death, which is why he's there to "help her through it." He explained that "we dated when we were younger, and so it’s nice to have somebody who you have a history with that you can use as a shoulder to cry on."

The differences between Jane and Adam

When viewers first meet Adam in "Jane the Virgin" season 4, he's an artist who gets to do what he loves for a living.

He's single and is free from responsibilities, a stark contrast to Jane, who despite her age has a child and has to manage working while being a single mother. In contrast to that, Posey said that Adam "still has a lot of kid in him. So he kind of shows [Jane] how to be a kid again."

Rekindling a romance

In "Jane the Virgin" season 4, viewers will get to see Adam and Jane rekindle their romance and learn from each other. As Jane is set to learn to balance having fun with being a responsible mother, Adam is also set to pick up a few things from her. Check out the preview of this week's episode below.