When "Jane the Virgin" Season 4 premieres on The CW this October 13, fans will get to see what happens when Rafael faces the fact that he's being ousted from the Marbella by his own crazy sister, Luisa. In the season finale, Luisa found out that Rafael is not her father's biological son and that he does not have any right to inherit the Marbella or any of the Solano's money. Justin Baldoni recently spoke to WWLP to discuss Rafael's life now that he isn't rich, and he had some few things to say about it. Now that Rafael is struggling to get back control of the Marbella, he'll have to tighten his belt and make do with what he has.

Justin Baldoni admitted that Rafael's rocky relationship with Luisa has left them feeling resentful towards each other. Baldoni explained, "Luisa feels betrayed by Rafael and Rafael feels betrayed by Luisa, as anyone should. She's been dating a serial killer who also murdered his father." In the upcoming season, viewers will get to see more of this toxic relationship. The question now lies, will they ever rekindle their friendship as brother and sister, or will they be sworn enemies for life?

Justin Baldoni enjoys playing Poor Rafael

In "Jane the Virgin" season 4, viewers will get to see Rafael stripped of his money and power. According to Justin Baldoni, "As an actor, being able to explore what Rafael's like without money could actually be something that's really fun.

Because when you're someone who's raised with a proverbial silver spoon, and then suddenly it's gone, what do you do? Some of the most fun scenes are when Jane and Rafael go on a bus and Rafael is like, 'I don't know how to use a bus.'"

Poor Rafael may be able to better relate to Jane

Rafael losing everything may be the exact key as to how he can better relate to Jane in "Jane the Virgin" season 4.

In fact, Justin Baldoni said, "Seeing Rafael operating in the real world, the world that Jane grew up in, could be a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to that."

Rafael will hit back at Luisa

Now that Rafael has nothing to lose, it seems that he will return to his old ways. According to TV Guide, Rafael will team up with "a very questionable ally" in "Jane the Virgin" season 4.

In fact, it's so questionable that Jane will begin to wonder if fighting over the Marbella is truly worth it. Now fans may be wondering who he will team up with. It could be Petra, or Petra's mother, or even the crazy Anezka. Fans will have to tune in to the season premiere on October 13 at 8 p.m. to find out.