This October 13, The CW's "Jane the Virgin" season 4 will premiere with more hope than the devastating fourth season that saw the death of Michael (Brett Dier). In the upcoming season, the love triangle between Jane (Gina Rodriguez), Rafel (Justin Baldoni), and Petra (Yael Grobglas) won't be the only love triangle fans will be paying attention to, as Jane's first love, Adam, has made his way back into her life. Adam is played by Tyler Posey, whose contract with the series is for a recurring role, which means that he will definitely stick around for the upcoming season.

Last weekend, The CW released a new teaser for the new season, in which viewers can thankfully see Petra safe and sound after being held at gunpoint by her crazy twin sister, Anezka. The promo doesn't feature Adam in it, as the network is probably saving it for the new season, but it does show Jane and Rafael getting closer to each other in a shower scene. Does this mean that Rafael isn't over Jane? A scene also shows him looking longingly at Jane.

Rafael still has feelings for Jane

In the new teaser for "Jane the Virgin" season 4, viewers can see Rafael looking quite forlorn when Petra asks Jane, "You're telling me you're a hundred percent over Rafael?" Jane looks at Rafael before responding, "A hundred percent is a big number," which may imply that she probably still has feelings for him as well.

Rafael remains silent, looking at her with those longing eyes. The scene cuts to Jane taking off her clothes in what looks like an evening at her house, and entering the shower. Not so long after, a wet Rafael takes a peek into the shower as well. Now whether or not this is merely a hot daydream by Jane remains to be seen.

Gina Rodriguez to direct an episode

Gina Rodriguez has a lot on her plate. Aside from starring in "Jane the Virgin" season 4, she's also set to direct one episode of The CW series.

According to ET Online, the 33-year old actress took to Twitter early Sunday morning to share that she will direct an episode of the series.

Last week, she also shared a snapshot of herself and recurring star Tyler Posey on her Instagram. She jokingly referred to Posey as a "weirdo" and in a separate post, dedicated the new season to her "warriors." She wrote, "I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy making it," and also welcomed the young actor who plays the older Mateo, Elias. "Jane the Virgin" season 4 is set to premiere on The CW this October 13 at 9 p.m.