While most of Hollywood is focused on raising awareness for Harvey Weinstein's sexual harassment victims, comedian James Corden aimed to lighten up the mood. During the AmfAR Gala on Friday night, Corden attempted to joke about the alleged abuser's actions which resulted in a mixed reaction from the audience. The late-night Talk Show Host clearly didn't get the memo about the issue's seriousness, as even "Saturday Night Live" didn't take the opportunity to turn the scandal into a skit.

Unhappy audience

Before presenting any awards, Corden had a few minutes of alone time with the crowd.

He decided to start off with some jokes aimed at Weinstein, referencing individual stories from victims of his sexual harassment. "This is a beautiful room, this is a beautiful night here in L.A.," said the comedian. He then continued on to call "tonight" so beautiful that it was asked to join Harvey Weinstein in his hotel room for a massage.

In the video shown below, there are very few cheers. The most audible noises from the crowd are some groans and "boos," as it seemed the audience was not in favor of the jokes.

Despite the fairly bad reaction from the crown, Corden continued to dig into Weinstein.

He began talking about how odd it was to see the producer in "hot water" this week, telling the audience to "Ask any of the women who watched him take a bath." The comment was rather insensitive in light of how serious the victims of Weinstein's alleged assault have been when addressing the matter.

Too specific

Though he still didn't receive a great response from the AmfAR crowd, the comedian decided to make one last joke about Weinstein's allegations, this time about one specific incident.

News anchor Lauren Sivan told Huffington Post about a dinner she had with the producer years ago in which she was trapped in a hallway watching Weinstein masturbate into a plant.

Corden relayed this experience with his joke, saying that Weinstein wanted to be at the event but would "sadly" settle for the closest potted plant.

This third and final joke received the least attention from the audience, disappointing the actor who said: "Come on!"

Upon moving onto other subjects for his jokes, the audience's reaction was better. Once the video made its way to social media, however, the talk show host received severe backlash. Alleged rape victim Rose McGowan was one of many who spoke out, calling the late-night talk show host a "motherf--king piglet." She went on to tell Twitter that Corden is actually a good friend of Harvey Weinstein.