Melissa Etheridge was reportedly arrested in August upon trying to re-enter the United States from Canada. The singer's Tour Bus was searched by Border Patrol on August 17th, TMZ reports. News of the arrest has just surfaced and Etheridge faced charges months ago.

Cancer treatment

According to TMZ, a k-9 unit searched the singer's tour bus after she was stopped by US Customs in North Dakota. Law enforcement found marijuana oil in the vehicle, which she told them is used to treat pain from her cancer. The substance is legal in her home state of California but should not have been in the vehicle as it is not yet federally legal.

She was allegedly arrested for possession of a controlled substance but pleaded not guilty. Etheridge did not seem bothered by the incident, as she shows off a big grin in her mug shot.

The singer was not the only one arrested for possession of marijuana in recent months. Singer Todd Rundgren was arrested in early September following his entry through the border in North Dakota. TMZ reports that his tour bus passed the sniffing test by k-9 units, but Border Patrol agents found marijuana vaporizers as well as marijuana oil.

Not a secret

Melissa Etheridge has always been open about her use of marijuana. She spoke to Yahoo a few months back about the drug for their series "Weed & the American Family." The singer told interviewers that marijuana is the "best marital aid," saying her and her wife use it almost every night.

Etheridge told Yahoo it is especially useful for date nights, saying it takes away any self-conscious feelings while also enhancing sexual desires.

The 56-year-old singer says that marijuana is also helpful for sleep. She revealed that she and her wife smoke the substance each night while they take a bath. This apparently allows the 2 to relax and leads to a "very good night sleep."

According to Daily Mail, the singer is very open about her marijuana use with her children.

She has four children, a pair of 10-year-old twins as well as an 18-year-old son and a 20-year-old daughter.

Etheridge said that she has actually smoked with her older children numerous times. She described the situation as "funny at first" but said the experience definitely made them all closer. Silencing critics, the singer said she would much rather smoke with her kids than drink alcohol with them.

Etheridge and Rundgren both have yet to speak out about their alleged arrests.