It appears that there is a new family following in the footsteps of the Duggar family, as TLC introduced its latest series, "Meet the Putmans." It follows the lives of an American family that stays together even though their children already have families of their own.

TLC reveals that the series is about three generations all living under one roof with 10 adults and 15 kids. All in all, there are 25 people in the family. This is because the Putmans doesn't want anybody to leave. Instead of buying their own house and start their own family, the need to stay.

Who are the Putmans?

The head of the family is Bill and Barb who had been married for 35 years. They have four children, 33-year-old Billy, 30-year-old Brandon, 28-year-old Blake, and 26-year-old Blair. All of them are already married and have children of their own. There is also an additional family member since Blair just gave birth to her third child.

Like the Duggars, the Putman family are also religious. Although they did not reveal their religion, the family claims to live by Bible standards. In fact, when Blair was having a difficult time during her labor and was about to have a C-section, Bill told her that God would never give us a hard situation that we cannot handle.

Aside from sharing the same house, they also share the same bank account.

They even eat together as a family every night at 6 pm. Hence, they have a very long dining table for all 25 people.

The Putman's house

With 25 people in the family, others might wonder how they are accommodated in one house. The family lives in their old house located in Lake Huron, MI. It is a 6,250 square feet home which is not spacious enough for the big family.

Because their family is growing, they intend to build a bigger home. They will talk about their dream home in "Meet the Putmans" which is a 34,00 square feel residence in Caro, MI. The family will build their dream home together which will be featured in the new show.

Blair and Jen's dilemma

Although the family wants to stay in one house forever, it appears that Blair is having second thoughts about it.

After her recovery from a C-section, she wants to return to the apartment which she shares with her husband and children.

Billy said that Blair is in a difficult situation which tears her in half. He even describes it as being caught between a rock and a hard place. Meanwhile, Blaire is trying to weigh things by looking at the high and low points of being with husband Jamie and her kids.

On the other hand, Jen, Billy's wife is having issues about her body. While preparing for a date night, Jen cries saying that she is worried about her body and is conscious when wearing clothes that show a lot of skin. According to Monsters and Critics, Jen is struggling with the way she looks.

How will Billy help Jen with her insecurities? Will Blair decide to leave the Putman's home? Is this new TLC show, the new Duggar Family show? Watch "Meet the Putmans" airs on Mondays at 10:00 PM on TLC.