nene leakes recently made headlines because she decided to say something during one of her stand-up shows that affected one of her audience members. Apparently, someone said something she didn't like, and she told the person that she hoped she would get raped by an Uber driver. Perhaps Leakes wasn't thinking in the moment because she herself has been a victim of abuse.

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star has often gained respect and understanding from her fans, but it sounds like she was so angry she lost her cool. Leakes decided to issue a statement to her fans where she explained herself.

She revealed that what she said wasn't funny and she never wanted to hurt anyone. However, there was a catch to her apology that she shared on social media. According to a new Instagram post, NeNe Leakes shared her apology on her personal account, but she disabled her comments on the post. She clearly didn't want any feedback on her apology or her behavior.

Issued apology - with a catch

One has to wonder if NeNe Leakes is truly sorry for what she did or she was just sorry for getting caught saying it. When she's talking to the ladies on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," they don't always call her out for the things she says. Instead, she is often getting into arguments with them in regards to what they are saying back to her.

However, when she was faced with a live audience, Leakes had nowhere to escape. She had to face the truth of her outlandish comment.

It is interesting that Leakes is sharing her apology and then disabling the comments so her followers can't respond to it. One can imagine that some of her fans would agree with her that her apology was good enough, while others would slam her for even bringing such a comment on the table.

No one should hope that someone else will get raped.

Getting involved with drama again

This incident was the second time last week that NeNe Leakes got involved with drama. Last week, she slammed Brielle Biermann for spreading rumors that she had roaches in her new home. She argued that Brielle was calling her names, including roach, and she fired back that both Brielle and her mother Kim Zolciak were racists.

She also hinted that the family had something against her, was jealous of her success, and wanted to bring her down no matter what it takes.

What do you think about NeNe Leakes' apology? Do you think she's truly sorry for what happened as she didn't want any feedback from her fans?