The agency of popular music group Girls’ Generation confirmed that three members would be leaving the group: Tiffany, Seohyun, and Sooyoung.

What will happen to the other members?

The five remaining members, Sunny, Yoona, Taeyeon, Hyoyeon, and Yuri, signed again with their agency and decided to remain with the company. However, there is still no news whether the group will disband or not. According to Sm Entertainment, Girls’ Generation is meaningful both for the company and their fans. Even if there were members who decided to end their contract, the company is still talking to the remaining members about the future of their group.

SM Entertainment also confirmed that the girls took their time thinking about their contract renewal.

The members who left

Just this year, the Girl group celebrated their 10th anniversary in the industry. Although there were rumors that their contract will end this year, there were no official confirmation or statement for both groups about any members who will leave.

According to rumors, the three members, Tiffany, Seohyun, and Sooyoung, decided to focus more on acting. One of their center singers, Tiffany, has already been suspected to leave the group after spending a long break in the United States. She also expressed her ambitions of promoting her solo career in the United States several times.

She was also rumored to have plans to pursue and study acting in the United States.

Meanwhile, the youngest member of the group, Sooyoung, appeared in several theaters, dramas, and TV shows. Her latest work was the “Bad Thief, Good Thief.” Sooyoung, just like Seohyun, is also busy with her acting career.

She was able to score 3 series under her name: “Polyclinic Doctor,” “Someone You Might Know,” and “Man Who Sets the Table.”

Focus on solo projects for now?

Most of the members of the groups have their own solo career. Yoona is one of the most popular actresses in Korea now. She just recently finished her hit TV show “The King in Love.” On the other hand, Sunny is a popular radio DJ.

She is also a favorite guest star for most variety shows in Korea. Yuri proved her acting chops in “Defendant” while Hyoyeon is currently focused on promoting her single. The leader, Taeyeon, also released her solo album.

Girls’ Generation recently released their comeback album, “Holiday Night.” Should they follow the steps of 2NE1 and disband after a few weeks? For sure, a lot of fans will be devastated.