Throughout 2017, the Hallyu fan base has been anticipating if So Nyeo Shi Dae (SNSD) -- better known in the United States as Girls' Generation -- would make a comeback. This year marks their 10th anniversary since debuting back in August of 2007 with "Into the New World." In April, it was reported they would indeed make a comeback. As time went by, more details were revealed including a more precise time frame when said comeback would happen.

Now we have news that Girls' Generation will be holding a fan meeting as part of the lead-up to their 10th-anniversary comeback.

They will be revealing certain details to K-pop fans which will help build the hype.

Girls' Generation's fan meeting will be the first in two years

The news of Girls' Generation holding a fan meeting prior to their 10th-anniversary comeback was revealed by Korean news outlet dongA. According to their exclusive report, the popular K-pop girl group will hold the event on August 5.

For K-pop fans especially who are part of Girls' Generation's official fan club known as Sones, this is a long time coming. The last time they had a fan meeting was back in 2015 when they announced their fifth album "Lion Heart."

Usually, K-pop acts would partake in fan meetings in between comebacks to interact with their fans.

Pertaining to business, it helps keep K-pop acts substantial and credible in a highly-competitive industry. Girls' Generation, however, has been solidified as the most influential K-pop girl group in the history of Hallyu with numerous number one tracks and over 100 first place trophy wins on music competitions. Ergo, their substantial credibility is solid.

Details of the K-pop girl group's 10th-anniversary comeback will be revealed at the fan meeting

During the fan meeting, Girls' Generation will be revealing certain details of their upcoming 10th-anniversary comeback. This includes some new choreography for their upcoming title track song. They will also reveal more details about the album too which will most likely be if there are multiple versions of the album as well as the track list.

The fact that Girls' Generation has not been revealing tidbits and teasers for their comeback throughout 2017 is a bit of a quagmire. Given their popularity, their 10th anniversary could possibly be a celebration lasting the entire year. However, the members understand that as they get older, girl group activities become harder to maintain. As a result, many of them are pursuing solo careers outside of Girls' Generation. Some of them just needed to finish up their solo endeavors prior to working on the 10th anniversary such as Hyoyeon who officially made her solo debut (music video attached below).

With the aforementioned in mind, the fan meeting is necessary, It will help build a lot of hype for Girls' Generation's 10th-anniversary comeback. It can also be used as a launching point for pre-release promotions which usually includes teaser images, teaser videos, and audio snippets.