Shonda Rhimes’ long-running medical drama, “Grey’s Anatomy, returned with two back-to-back episodes! When season 14 finally reunited an old flame, Nathan played by Martin Henderson and Megan played by Abigail Spencer, we felt a little bad for our lead, Meredith played by Ellen Pompeo. But hey, she fixed up Megan neatly and she seemed fine when Meredith told her the truth.

Shonda Rhimes may have recently joined the Netflix community but her shows, “Grey’s Anatomy” and “How to Get Away with Murder,” successfully came back with a bang. A lot of things happened and a love triangle between Megan, Nathan, and Meredith is an interesting thing to watch.

Will Meredith get a happy ending in ‘Grey’s Anatomy?’

In the last episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 13, a relationship drama was foreseen when Megan Hunt (now played by Abigail Spencer and previously by Bridget Regan) returned after a decade of separation from her fiancé, Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson). When she was away, there was a brief moment when Nathan and Meredith Grey played by Ellen Pompeo, shared a kiss and more. They were not even officially broken up when she came back! But when the other woman performs a professional medical treatment on you, you would probably also say, “Nathan has excellent taste in women."

And then Nathan proposed to Megan one more time, but she eventually said no.

All along, the episode would have been easier to bear if Patrick Dempsey’s Derek Shepherd was there for Meredith.

Who is Carina Deluca?

While drama was stirring at Grey Sloan, it is hard to miss that awkward (yet laughable) moment between Andrew DeLuca and his sister. He walked in while Carina and his roommate, Arizona Robbins, were busy over the couch.

There was definitely a lot of Italian dialogue exchanged in that scene.

So who is Carina Deluca? She is the newest addition to the cast and she is fluent in Italian, just like her brother. She also has a medical background and she used it to earn a job at Grey Sloan. She is interested in studying the brain of a female when it is experiencing orgasm.

Her character is played by Italian actress, Stefania Spampinato. Spampinato will be seen more often in the next episodes of the medical drama as Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone) joins her in her study.

While the cheating drama between Owen and Amelia is on (including her newly discovered tumor) a lighthearted exchange of dialogue between the siblings will definitely keep the show interesting for now.

The third episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” will air on October 5th on ABC.