"General Hospital" news is plentiful today and the latest return is one that is going to set Port Charles on fire. Ingo Rademacher has been confirmed for a return as Jax. Soap Opera Digest confirmed it with a direct quote from the executive producer, Frank Valentini during a tweet session.

Ask GH reveals spoilers

The "General Hospital" staff and actors each take turns doing a question and answer session with fans on Twitter periodically. It is called AskGh and this time, it was Frank Valentini doing the answering. He revealed that Jax will be headed back to Port Charles.

This is going to intertwine with the Nelle (Chloe Lanier), Carly (Laura Wright), and Sonny (Maurice Benard). There has been speculation all along that Jax had worked with Frank Benson to get Josslyn a kidney, which is why it appeared that they knew one another when Nelle first arrived in town.

There has been no confirmation on how long Ingo Rademacher will be on "General Hospital" this time, but it is assumed that it will be for at least a few episodes, maybe more. Jax has always come and gone from Port Charles, staying long enough to confuse everyone while also stirring the pot and leaving room for a return if possible. He is on his way back to town and it looks like it is going to give Carly and Sonny some answers they need about Nelle.

Fans are ready for Nelle story to end

February sweeps were a huge bust for many fans. "General Hospital" usually provides more suspense and shock and this time around, it just didn't feel up to par. Nelle's big secret was figured out weeks ago and now that it is out in the open, there are more questions than answers. Jax is definitely intertwined, and he needs to come back to finish things out.

Rumors have been circulating that Carly may forgive Nelle for the damage done, but how would that be possible if Jax isn't a huge part of the story?

"General Hospital" has a lot of changes happening in the upcoming weeks and many of them will be good for fans. With Duke Lavery making an appearance from the grave and Jane Elliot announcing her retirement, seeing that Ingo Rademacher is coming back is comforting.