In an interview with GQ earlier this month, Ukraine's "Human Barbie" expressed her repulsion at the idea of having a family of her own. Valeria Valeryevna Lukyanova, known around the world as the "human Barbie", told the publication that she believes having Children is the height of selfishness. The 31-year-old Model said that people usually have children out of selfish desires and that many parents try to live their lives through their kids. Valeria feels that parents do not think about what is best for their children, but mold them to become what they couldn't.

She added that there are often women nearing 30 who feel unwanted and have a child with the idea that the child will be their "reason to live". The model said that a family lifestyle is the worst thing she can imagine, describing the thought of having kids as deeply repulsive.

Where did her journey being?

Valeria Valeryevna Lukyanova was born in Tiraspol, a small town in Moldova. The model described her upbringing as strict and something she began to rebel against when she reached 13. At school, the teenager dressed in all-black to contrast her very pale skin. This attracted unwanted attention and she was bullied throughout her school days, often being called a "witch". At about 15, Valeria took her look up a notch and sported spiked bracelets and false fangs.

She began modeling at this time and moved to Odessa in the Ukraine at just 16 years of age. It was here that her evolution as the "human Barbie" took place. Valeria met her husband, Dmitry Shkrabov, a wealthy construction tycoon.The model says that her body, with the exception of her breasts, is natural and is the result of exercise and dieting.

What are her plans for the future?

Speaking to GQ's Michael Idov about her next steps, Valeria said that she plans to move away from the Ukraine due to negativity. The model said that she can't picture herself living in Western Europe either, but she is considering the U.S. or Mexico. Earlier this year, the model and her close friend Olga Oleynik went to the U.S.

to suss out how much interest there was in her there. The trip was reported by major celebrity and lifestyle publications such as V Magazine and the model crossed wires with America's Justin Jedlica, otherwise known as "human Ken". However, nothing more came from the trip and Valeria has not received any Hollywood offers. The model, who doesn't like being associated with the Barbie franchise and prefers to be called Amatue, a name that she says came to her in a dream.